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M3TACUP 2022: Football fever provoked the first virtual football tournament

The most anticipated football tournament has started, and fans from all over the world have gathered to celebrate the world’s most beautiful game. Some of these fans are groups like NFT11 and WIRTUAL, which are trying to make football even more popular by coming up with new ideas.

M3TACUP is the first event put on by NFT11 and WIRTUAL. It is a football competition where people can compete digitally and in person across international borders for great prizes. Participants will be able to buy virtual items through M3TACUP’s Battle Pass System, which is called M3TAPASS. The top 11 teams in M3TACUP’s ranking will also get a total of US$11,000 in prizes.

“The NFT11 Metaverse is expansive, we are looking to incorporate a variety of Web 3.0 elements into our metaverse, bridging both the virtual and physical world in the spirit of gaming. Pioneering M3TACUP is one example of initiatives we have, to connect all who can appreciate gaming as well as football,” said Andrew Ling, who is the CEO of NFT11

“Collaboration between NFT11 and WIRTUAL will create a new use case for the Web 3.0 world were exercising in the real world will connect us with games in the virtual world leading to mainstream adoption. This innovative project will allow users to use the application daily boosting their health, enjoyment, and income,” CEO of WIRTUAL James Supacheep Phornwatanakul stated.

M3TACUP was made by NFT11, WIRTUAL, and key industry partners cooperating together. Everyone will be able to buy digital assets from NFT11’s football manager game, as well as digital assets and benefits from partners like Delysium, MetaStar Strikers, EDNS Domains, and Age of Tanks. With Web 3.0 partners from many different fields, M3TACUP gives its customers a view of more than just football and sports.

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