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Launch of GPT-4 sends AI tokens rising

Another upgrade to the AI, and yet another pump. Today’s Metaverse news is more wormy.

OpenAI, the U.S. company that made the wildly popular ChatGPT app, is said to have released a new version of its software that is 1,000 times smarter than its previous versions.

The most important change is that the software’s search functions can now be used with both text and images. The market’s AI story began when OpenAI released the first version of Chat-GPT last November.

Since then, the prices of a number of cryptocurrency tokens linked to AI have gone up a lot because of market speculation.

After the most recent update to the GPT, CoinGecko’s data shows that AI-powered tokens did better than the rest of the market.

The AGIX of SingularityNET increased by 25% overnight, while (FET), Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), and Numeraire (NMR) also posted double-digit gains.

The majority of AI tokens are grifts

Experts have raised concerns, however, that the gains may be extremely speculative.

Nansen’s data on AGIX, FET, and OCEAN tokens show that “smart money” wallets don’t buy them in large amounts. The Ethereum analytics company has found that these wallets are the most busy and well-informed.

Usually, a token’s price goes up because smart money buys more of it. This isn’t happening with the current increase, though.

So, the release of GPT-4 or any other major language model could bring excitement and interest to the AI industry, which could lead to more investment in and use of AI-related technologies. This could make the value of AI tokens and other investments related to them go up in the short term.

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