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LasMeta Arrives to Unite Different Metaverses with Complete Interoperability

LasMeta, which has been created by Bloklab Limited, a Finnish web3 and game development firm, since 2021, aims to unite all Metaverses under one roof and become the entertainment centre of the future.

With its Virtual Reality (VR)-based poker game platform, where gamers and poker fans may participate for free and win money, LasMeta will make you forget everything you know and push the boundaries of enjoyment. In LasMeta, all investors with $LASM tokens and NFTs have a vote in the platform’s destiny, while gamers may make stress-free revenue thanks to free gaming access and host special tournaments by establishing their own private casinos. NFT holders of various projects will be able to participate in LasMeta using the unique costumes and avatars of their respective NFT projects, with full interoperability or NFT ownership verification provided by LasMeta. If you are interested in various and strange games, Metaverse news will introduce you to the world’s top games of the day.

As a $LASM or NFT holder, in addition to the opportunity to earn passive income, there is a chance to earn money on LasMeta through the listen to earn and watch to earn mechanisms! In VIP rooms accessible only to NFT owners, players will be able to listen to music while playing games or earn passive revenue by watching streams. LasMeta has also cooperated with Chainlink by integrating the VRF and Keepers services to improve the Verifiable Randomness and dependability of the games and random drops.

“Bear season was a great opportunity for us to improve ourselves as well as being pragmatic. We have seen and experienced by living it how we had to struggle against all the obstacles brought by the bear season. In this process, we are doing our best to add value to LasMeta by collaborating and partnering with leading projects of the blockchain sector. We also see that VR products and projects are still very unknown. If we say that we have not experienced a “hype” yet, it would be a very accurate observation. In other words, we believe in the future of VR/AR and LasMeta will be a part of this future with its self-sufficient sustainable economic order and get a well-deserved slice of the pie.” said LasMeta CEO Mert Eren Eröz.

LasMeta is based on the Ethereum blockchain and has multichain capabilities due to a cross-chain bridge on the Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Moonbeam, and GateChain networks.

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