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Japan’s Line messaging service releases the Web3 game platform Game Dosei

Today, Line Next announced the launch of a teaser website for the Web3-based gaming platform Dosi.

Line Next is the United States section of Line, a major mobile messaging service in competition with WhatsApp, WeChat, and Kakao. The line is extremely pervasive in Japan. Z Holdings, which is jointly controlled by SoftBank Group and Naver Corporation, has a Tokyo-based subsidiary called Line Corp. Therefore, large corporations, particularly in Asia, are leaning toward Web3 gaming.

Game Dosi is an all-inclusive web3 gaming platform that enables game developers to release non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Line Next claimed that Game Dosi’s mission is to produce compelling games that players can easily enjoy, as well as tools for game creators to create games more efficiently. It seeks to expedite web 3 gaming by giving developers with simple development kit tools.

It also helps with marketing and promotion using marketing solutions on Line’s services and legal advice about rules and risk management. It also offers “tokennomics” advice on how to make the best use of token economies in games, as well as tools for building communities and open source resources.

Some gamers and game developers aren’t interested in Web3 games from Western game companies. This is likely because of the alleged fraud at FTX, which has led to a new cryptocurrency meltdown. On the other hand, Asian game companies are getting more and more involved in Web3 games, except in China, where cryptocurrency is illegal.

Line said that Game Dosi is a Web3 and blockchain-based gaming platform that aims to give users fun and interesting games that they can play without having to understand the details of decentralized or crypto technology.

Line said that users of Web3 games can easily buy and sell digital goods. Game Dossi also offers solutions that make it easy for game developers to make their own blockchain-based Web3 games and build communities around them.

GAME DOSI is an all-in-one platform built with the knowledge and technology of LINE. LINE NEXT is still trying to make NFTs more popular by adding more services. Most recently, it opened a Dosi C2C marketplace, gave Dosi Citizen membership benefits, and launched Dosi Adventure.

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