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Japan’s CyberAgent prepares for widespread adoption of Metaverse with 3D Ads

The digital advertising company is capitalizing on the success of its AI-driven web2 advertising by creating personalized 3D avatar videos for each viewer.

CyberAgent is giving people 3D ads that were made by AI. The Japanese digital advertising company is bringing its AI-driven advertising technology into the metaverse. With banner ads and catchphrases made to appeal to specific audiences, the firm has already had success with AI advertising.

CyberAgent is now trying to get a lot of people to use the metaverse by making videos with AI-made 3D avatars of famous people. A report from Nikkei says that each celebrity figure will have different traits that are made just for each viewer.

CyberAgent’s main goal

CyberAgent won’t be the first company to use 3D ads in the metaverse. Meta Platforms, the largest social media company and now the lead campaigner for the metaverse worked with US-based 3D and AR startup Vntana in March 2022 to put 3D ads on Facebook and Instagram.

The partnership made it possible for brands to upload 3D models of their ads to Instagram and Facebook. This gave each brand control over how their 3D ads looked and what they said.

What will happen next?

CyberoAgent takes a different approach. Its AI agent looks at things like the type of website and the characteristics of each viewer to make video avatars with facial expressions, hairstyles, and clothes that will appeal to each viewer.
CyberAgent wants to start by having people look over the ads before automating video production fully.

At the moment, the company’s AI program makes 30 to 40 different versions of a single banner ad based on the type of audience. It can make as many as 70,000 AI-generated ads per month, which the company says are twice as effective as standard banner ads.

CyberAgent has collaborated with the leading US provider of graphics processing units, Nvidia, to develop 3D characters. The company has invested more than 1 billion yen ($7.7 million) in the US technology company’s H100 GPUs to build the computing power necessary to train its foundational AI model.

The AI agent is being made by 120 CyberAgent engineers who have experience making generative AI programs like ChatGPT.

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