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‘Jai Ho’ singer to launch metaverse platform for artists

Nifty news in the metaverse news world. The composer of “Jai Ho” will work on a metaverse platform.

Allah Rakha Rahman, an Indian singer, and composer whose song “Jai Ho” won a Grammy Award is stepping into the metaverse space. The renowned artiste stated that the metaverse platform will support artists and their music.

Rahman wrote on Twitter on January 6 that his “Katraar” metaverse is “one step closer to launching.” He sent a video of himself talking about the new platform, which its website says will use “decentralized technology.”

In the video, Rahman stated that his ambition for the platform was to “bring in new talents, technologies, and direct revenue for artists,” with the incorporation of NFTs appearing to be a possible revenue stream.

“Right now we are working with the HBAR Foundation to do many cool things, one is bringing a lot of NFTs,” Rahman said.

He also added that there is an unannounced project involving virtual beings but provided no other information.

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