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Industrial metaverse platform Worlds raises $21M in series A1 funding

Worlds, an industrial metaverse firm, made metaverse news after the firm announced that it completed a $21.2 million Series A1 funding round.

Moneta Ventures has led a $21 million Series A fundraising round for Worlds Enterprises, Inc., a firm that provides infrastructure for developing the metaverse. Existing investors Align Capital, Green Park & Golf Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, Piva Capital, PerotJain, and Capital Factory are among the other participants.

Worlds went on sale in August 2021. Before that, it was known as Hypergiant Sensory Sciences. It is currently putting IoT sensors, people, and processes together in digital twins to help industrial companies keep track of their supply and logistics flows.

The new funding will be used to continue building the company’s AI platform, expand key go-to-market partners, and increase industrial firms’ use of Worlds’ technology.

Worlds is an industrial metaverse platform that automates the ground-level operations of huge industrial corporations using AI. The company develops what it refers to as a “new 4D infrastructure” for constructing digital twins that businesses can use to measure their operations.

According to Venture Beat, one of Worlds’ clients, AllianceTexas, a 27,000-acre commercial inland port, is constructing a digital twin to monitor its supply flows. The digital twin covers a five-square-mile area of the port containing an airport, railyard, and distribution centers, and utilizes neural networks to track the whereabouts of trucks, identify carriers, and extract the unique identification numbers on each truck.

“Businesses today are racing toward a future where the digital and physical worlds fully converge and radically change how they measure, analyze, and reimagine their businesses. That is precisely the work of Worlds and we are the only company on the planet that can do what we do,” said says Dave Copps, CEO of Worlds.

Worlds focuses on supply chain industries, like manufacturing, distribution and logistics, transportation, energy, and national security. Chevron and Petronas are among the organization’s clients.

As part of its digital transformation initiatives, the French automobile manufacturer Renault Group claimed to have established the first industrial metaverse in November.

Renault’s industrial metaverse, which was launched to monitor supply flows, is based on four dimensions: mass data collection, digital twins of processes, connecting the supply chain ecosystem, and a set of innovative technologies.

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