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In comparison to Meta, World Wide Web is superior

The World Wide Web heavily relies on cryptography and its integration to provide Web 3 enthusiasts a comfortable, albeit sometimes boring, metaverse experience.

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The MMORPG WorldWide Web was developed by Thomas Webb. Players may interact, explore, and take on tasks in Chain Metropolis, a city with a crypto theme.

The Web portrays itself as a virtual space where users may create new identities and engage in complex social interactions, or a crypto metaverse. The phrase “metaverse” was first used by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 book Snow Crash. Facebook renamed Meta and debuted its own Metaverse in October 2021. Existing crypto metaverse currencies, like Decentraland, saw a sharp increase in value as a result of the change, and new projects were created to take advantage of the enthusiasm.

In the same period, the Web emerged. Beginning in November 2021, the Worldwide Web Land NFT collection will be available, and in January 2022, the Worldwide Web Item Collection will be available. went. The ongoing initiative is open to the public. Thomas Webb’s metaverse was the subject of Crypto Briefing’s investigation.

Thomas Webb’s metaverse was the subject of Crypto Briefing’s investigation.

Web access is simple. Visit the website, register, and attach your MetaMask wallet because this is a browser game. There is no software to download, and registration is quick. Both mobile and PC versions of the game are available. To swap accounts, log out and back in using a different MetaMask wallet.

The NFT integration tool is the main draw of the World Wide Web. Although they are not required, NFTs play a significant role in the game’s social element. Move your NFTs to a MetaMask wallet that is connected to the Web if you want to display them. If you like the platform, you could also want to purchase items and land on the Internet. On OpenSea, they range from 0.27 ETH to 147 ETH.

Graphics & Art (3/5)

The game is fascinating because, unlike Meta, it doesn’t try to portray the Metaverse authentically. It prevents the “uncanny valley” effect, in which the slightest flaw in a figure that resembles a person causes disgust and anxiety.

The Web employs pixel art akin to those found in Zelda or early Final Fantasy games. This visual design was the standard for several of the older NFT collections, including Cryptopunks and Mooncats.

The World Wide Web’s design is slick, intricate, and captivating despite the pixel art’s potential for distraction. Players may listen to soothing lo-fi beats while they explore Chain City.

Gameplay (1/5)

Worldwide The worst play comes from Webb. unfun game rules. The absence of in-game progression. Quests include exploring the small area and conversing with NPCs. Mining, fishing, and digging are repetitive once they are learned.

minigames are present. Players may play Mario Kart Battle with their avatars or NFT pets in addition to repelling hordes of invaders. Mini-games are immature and insignificant compared to the classics they inspire.

Even though the mini-games fundamentals are well-known, neither the task nor the games themselves feel natural. Users could waste a lot of time looking for the few assignments that are accessible.

Story and Lore (3/5)

Local Crypto gamers might like a new game. Characters and locations are named in crypto memes and Web3 lingo. While Michael Saylor, Vitalik Buterin, and Satoshi Nakamoto are all represented as holograms, the creative team’s enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency business is also evident in other subtle jokes, such as a Link Marine appearance and Chain City’s McDonald’s major role-playing game.

Due to the ability to customize their avatars, players frequently encounter recognized NFTs with their own backstories. It’s fantastic to enter a cave and discover a lovely cat and a cryptopunk hunting for minerals.

Players who lack cryptography knowledge can find the lore boring. The questing is the only narrative in the game. After losing his fishing pole in gambling, a father deserts his children. Funny but uninspiring

Crypto Elements (3/5)

The game supports cryptography. NFTs can be added to users’ avatars. There is currently support for more than 40 collections. For instance, Yacht Club NFTs from the bored app has been included.

Obtaining a Land Plot Players may purchase apartments and penthouses in-game with NFTs. Customizable housings are versatile building materials. Pets and NFT items are accessible.

The following NFTs are not supported: Solana, Tezos, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Aptos. However, it is amazing how easily gamers may communicate with NFTs thanks to the Web.

The Internet at this point resembles a hangout more than a game. Through group chats, the software enables users to create their own world and forge social connections. Web users continue to play minigames and buy new gear despite the dire market conditions and widespread decline in interest in cryptocurrencies. The community is open to welcoming newcomers. This cryptocurrency game isn’t fun. If you wish to make friends and display your NFTs, this Metaverse could be the place for you.

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