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The best guide of how to enter Metaverse!

The frequent question of those interested in the digital world is that how to enter Metaverse؟ Since the introduction of cryptocurrencies, the digital world has experienced sharp changes in business and marketing. It opened a new realm to the possibilities of owning digital assets which were non-fungible. NFTs or non-fungible tokens also paved the way for a digital life on the Internet which features almost all aspects of our physical life, including properties and land, entertainment and occupations.

You should know about what is metaverse, before entering it. The Metaverse is the latest development in the digital world which provides the chance to people run a digital life along with a physical one. Although the full potential of the Metaverse has not fully developed, it has shown to be unique and has attracted lots of attention from both people and industry. It has been a while since the most famous companies in the digital world have been trying to develop their own Metaverse world using all existing technologies such as blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFTs. Though, it is no clearly set ways to join it.

People may easily get confused about the Metaverse, its environment and the advantages it has. Here, we provide a guide to see what you need to access and how to join metaverse.

How to Access the Metaverse?

The term Metaverse was first coined by Neal Stephenson in his novel Snow Crash (1992). In his novel, Stephenson envisioned a parallel environment to the internet where people could use avatars to interact with each other. The idea is already taken by Facebook to let people interact through their Metaverse.

Therefore, the idea of a virtual universe where people can communicate with each other using the Internet is not exactly new. Some games, such as Habbo Hotel (2000) and Second Life (2003) already developed the virtual world and people could use their avatars to contact others and run a digital life. Later, with the rise in online gaming, augmented and virtual reality became mainstream and the concept of the Metaverse gained even more attention. Therefore, more people have been looking for ways of how to enter metaverse and enjoy the new experience.

Today, Metaverse platforms, such as Decentraland, plan to create a decentralized world that allows users to also be creators. Blockchain technology has made it possible to not only build houses and neighborhoods but also make transactions. Such platforms also provide and use their own cryptocurrency and require users to spend the crypto to trade digital assets like a character or a piece of land as an NFT.

Therefore, it can be said that though the concept of the Metaverse is the same, there is not a single Metaverse today but there are many. It is worth noting that all Metaverse platforms are in the initial stages of development since the technology today cannot support an immersive real-time 3D interaction between users in a virtual universe so it is still a scenario. But very recently, we have seen so many innovative advancements in the world of Metaverse. And we hope we can have a full-fledged, easily accessible Metaverse in the next few months.

Equipment related to how to enter Metaverse

how to enter metaverse with VR_or_AR_headsets?

Users will need a virtual reality headset like Oculus Quest 2 to fully experience the Metaverse. It comes with graphics chip and storage components directly integrated into the headset. It includes six built-in external tracking cameras that follow the position of your head and hands within a space while users do not need separate tracking sensors. Along with the headset, you also get an oculus touch controller, each featuring a joystick and buttons so you can grab virtual objects and interact with them.

The headset provides a monochromatic view of users’ surrounding environment. It is possible through its external tracking cameras. Using the augmented reality marker, users will have a digital view of the environment. Users can choose where to go and what to do. Wearing the headset, the users notice that the world around them disintegrates and they will be able to fully experience the virtual 3D environment.

The headset also carries sound from all directions and it will also let users hear ambient noise in reality. For a fully immerse experience in the 3D environment, users can even connect a pair of headphones. It will eliminate background noise which adds to the excitement.

However, in answer to how to enter metaverse, not all Metaverse platforms require a dedicated virtual reality headset. Some of the Metaverse platforms like Decentraland can be experienced by just using a desktop PC or laptop using an internet browser. But to best experience the platforms ultimately, all Metaverse platforms might require a VR or AR headset. Though, right now it is not mandatory.

Oculus-quest-keyboard can also be used with PCs and laptops to improve the experience with the Metaverse.

How to enter Metaverse platforms? | 4 steps!

As we already mentioned, there are several Metaverse platforms available now, such as Decentraland, SandBox, Upland, Roblox, and some more. But how to Access the Metaverse? Since the concept of the Metaverse is the same, it also takes similar steps to join each of these Metaverse platforms. Here, we will use Decentraland as an example to show readers how to enter and experience the Metaverse by themselves.

The first equipments needed on how to enter metaverse platforms for readers are laptop and a crypto wallet. Remember that smartphones and most computers can also be used to access the Metaverse. Though, they don’t have enough processing power to provide optimum performance. This is one of the reasons why Facebook is focusing on developing more hardware like smart glasses so it’s an answer to know how to Join the Metaverse easily.

Step 1: Create an Avatar


The Metaverse is all about creating a virtual world, therefore the first step to know how to enter metaverse is creating your own digital avatar. Decentraland offers a panel through which you can create and customize your avatar. The panel allows you to choose hair, eye color, clothing and even accessorize your character. Or you can easily upload the NFT avatars you already own.

Step 2: Explore the Metaverse environment


The second step for how to enter metaverse is exploring it’s environment. When you are all set with your avatar, you will be dropped in Genesis Plaza, the starting point in Decentraland. Spend enough time looking around and learning about everything. Then, it is time for you to get yourself teleported to wherever you want in the Metaverse. For teleporting yourself to other spaces, you can select any of the spaces created by other users and get there.

Step 3: How to enter Metaverse by playing games?

Decentraland also allows users to play games and one of the most popular games that everyone is playing is ‘Wonder Mine Crafting Game’. The plot of the game is that meteors strike the ground and players have to mine them for money and minerals. Every avatar is given off 100 Wondercoins to get themselves started. The platform provides players with the opportunity to gain cryptos and in some cases NFTs.

Step 4: Make new friends

While playing the game users can also make new friends. Users can further take the opportunity to talk with other players and ask about their experiences in the Metaverse. Similar to many of online multiplayer games, Decentraland also provides the opportunity for people to connect with each other. They can then make new friends and experience the virtual world of Metaverse together.

A final word about how to access Metaverse

The difficulty of defining the Metaverse seems to confuse lots of enthusiasts. We already know that the Metaverse is essentially a virtual world where people can hold digital concerts, make video calls with people from all over the world, use online avatars, and take part in commerce platforms. However, many are still confused about how to enter metaverse. Thus, it seems essential to learn as much as possible about the Metaverse and the equipment necessary for joining it.

FAQ about how to enter metaverse

Which equipments are related to how to enter the Metaverse?

Metaverse platforms might require a VR or AR headset to join it. Some of the Metaverse platforms like Decentraland can be experienced by just using a desktop PC or laptop using an internet browser.

How to Access the Metaverse platforms?

There are 4 steps to know how to join the Metaverse, such as create an avatar, explore the environment, playing games and make new friends.

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