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House of Blueberry raises $6M to expand metaverse fashions

Mainstream brands are getting a lot of attention from the metaverse fashion industry. Because of how much it has changed things, some companies are deciding to focus on designing clothes and accessories for the 3D virtual space.

And a recent SEC filing shows that House of Blueberry’s work in this area has not gone unnoticed. The company is based in North Carolina. The filing says that between December 7 and December 21, two investors gave the metaverse fashion designer a total of $5,999,999.

The company sells unique avatars for Roblox and The Mims games that can be used in the metaverse. Twenty people work for the company. The CEO and founder, Gizem Mishi McDuff, is in charge of the team.

House of Blueberry raises $6M to expand metaverse fashions

When Facebook changed its name to Meta Platforms in October 2021, the word “metaverse” became trendy. Some of the biggest stores and fashion designers in the world have joined the business.

But the idea of the metaverse has been around longer. In 2003, when the immersive virtual platform Second Life came out, the idea was already around. And it turns out that Linden Lab’s platform had something to do with how the House of Blueberry got started.

The Business Journals says that McDuff got the idea to design digital clothes after going to a virtual concert on Second Life. People can make their own avatars on the platform, which they can then use to interact in a virtual world.

“That was really interesting to me,” McDuff told , adding “So I downloaded Second Life. I went to the concert.”

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