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Google is testing Apprentice Bard, a new Search page with AI elements like ChatGPT

Google is testing new chat products that are powered by artificial intelligence. These tests are likely to affect the launch of a public product in the future. Among them are a new chatbot and a possible way to add it to a search engine. Google and AI are often featured in metaverse news stories.

People may suppose Google may build ChatGPT for Search in the future. We expect it from a business that advanced human speech and AI (AI). Google may not release ChatGPT until it’s as dependable as Search. Google suggested that while reacting to ChatGPT.

Reports that came out afterward showed that Sundar Pichai wants everyone at Google to work on products like ChatGPT that could be shown off this spring.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who helped start Google, are even back for this project. It’s no surprise that Google is already testing a home page that looks like ChatGPT. It’s called Apprentice Bard, and Google’s LaMDA language technology is used to make it. That’s what CNBC’s sources say.

If correct, this shows that Google has always been developing products similar to ChatGPT. OpenAI has recently beat them to market with a ChatGPT product that is not yet prepared to replace Google Search.

According to CNBC, Google’s “code red” response to ChatGPT is known as Project Atlas. This is in addition to the internal test of the Apprentice Bard chatbot that Google employees may already do. Additionally, Google is apparently looking into a new desktop Search design that might enable Apprentice Bard’s question-and-answer form.

How Google’s ChatGPT Search options operate

As a result of ChatGPT, the LaMDA team has been asked to prioritize working on a response to ChatGPT,” said an internal Google memo viewed by CNBC. “In the short term, it takes precedence over other projects.”

Apprentice Bard resembles ChatGPT but utilizes the LaMDA tool for user communication. The report notes that Google’s chatbot is capable of providing responses that include current events. In recent weeks, Googlers have observed Apprentice Bard’s replies have improved:

“In one example circulated internally, a tester asked Apprentice Bard if there will be another round of layoffs at Google. The company laid off 12,000 employees, 6% of its workforce, earlier this month.”

“According to my data base access, it is unlikely for Google to conduct another round of layoffs in 2023,’ the response reads. ‘Layoffs are generally conducted to reduce costs and structure, but the company is doing well financially. In fact, Google’s revenue increased by 34% in 2021, and the company’s stock price has risen by 70% since January 2022.”

Lastly, the report says that Google has been using ChatGPT to test a beta version of the LaMDA chatbot.

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