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Gifting of Virtual Land on Earth 2

As Christmas and other end-of-year events get closer, we remember how to give. What could be a better way to end the year than to give someone a gift from the future?

If you need a gift idea or just want to share your love of the Metaverse with a friend, you can now buy them their own plot of virtual land on the largest virtual land registry.

Gigting Land Tiles is different and interesting at the same time.

Land that is given to you has the same benefits as land that you buy, like the ability to build a Mentar, detect, collect, and farm.

You will be able to change E-ther into Essence, identify Jewels, and, in the near future, build Cydroids to steal E-ther from other properties. You will also be able to make Civilians, turn resources into raw materials, build on the land, and do a lot more.

After 2 years of work and recently revealing progress on building our 3D environment, E2V1, the company plans to give pre-alpha access sometime in 2023. This is a very exciting time to join the Metaverse.

What is Gifting?

When you buy a piece of property on Earth 2 and give it to someone else, you are giving them land tiles. If you have a free Earth 2 account, you can give land tiles to anyone, even if they already have an account. On our website, you can pay with a credit card or one of more than 120 different crypto currencies.


  1. Select the tiles from the map on the BUY LAND page:
  2. Their new system does not require you to enter an email address of the
     Just choose “Don’t tell the recipient,” and anyone you give the gift code to can use it.
  3. Select “This is a giftGifting of Virtual Land on Earth 2
  4. Select whether you would like the recipient notified of their gift:
  5. Yes, notify the recipient:
  6. The recipient has an account: enter their Earth 2 username
  7. The recipient does not have an account/ username unknown: enter
    their email addres.
  8. No, do not notify the recipient:
  9. The gift code will be sent to you to personally hand out to the
    recipient, or you may take a screenshot on the property deed page and
    share that with your lucky friend!
  10. Select your payment method. Buying land is so easy with these 3
  11. Pay with account balance.
  12. Pay with credit card
  13. Pay with crypto (new!)

After you buy a gift, the property will be added to your Player Profile and marked with a bright pink symbol to make it stand out from your other properties.

Gifting of Virtual Land on Earth 2

When you click the pink button labeled “Gift Code,” the code that can be given to the recipient is shown. The item will stay on your profile until the code is used by the person you gave it to to claim it. If the person you gave the gift to doesn’t take it within 30 days, you will own it forever.

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