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Gen-Z Focused Gaming Metaverse Createra raises $10 million

Createra is a metaverse engine for user-generated content (UGC) that enables creators to build, distribute, and MetaFi games.

Createra, a creator-focused metaverse project, announced today that it has secured $10 million in Series A funding led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) to continue its pursuit of constructing the largest Generation Z metaverse platform.

“Createra’s powerful cloud-based web engine makes it incredibly easy to develop multiplayer games with web3 features,” said a16z general partner, Connie Chan.

Through the development and use of Web3 tools such as blockchain, verified ownership, and asset monetization, the gaming industry is going through a rapid transformation. The gaming industry is seeing the development of crypto-native, fully “on-chain” games, often known as “autonomous worlds,” based on distributed ledger technology.

Createra provides users with access to these special crypto-native autonomous worlds, which include cross-play and instant accessibility. These features ensure that both users and developers have the tools necessary to adopt new game industry trends for ideal metaverse gaming experiences.

The metaverse for creators

Createra’s unlimited player capacity, multi-creator possibilities, and cross-play from anywhere make the creation process more enjoyable and efficient. In addition, everything built on Land within the platform is tradeable. This consists of models, games, APIs, and additional content. Land in the Createra metaverse signifies creatorship. It also indicates that players are incorporated into the Createra metaverse creation system and are able to distribute their metaverse NFT assets on the market.

Any creativity can be monetized, blurring the line between artists and consumers and creating an environment where anything is possible. This is the peak of MetaFi.

Gen Z is in the lead

Gen Z understands content development and monetization like no other demographic. According to Matomo, Createra has approximately 15 million Gen Z users, half a million builders, and 1.3 million Asian average monthly users. Users develop the Createra metaverse. They can collaborate on new digital experiences using digital assets’ programmability and crypto’s asset rights and income distribution.

Collaborative creation in the Createra metaverse reduces programming barriers for new users. Teamwork makes creating digital assets and understanding programming easier. Over the past six years, the platform has grown with Gen Z users. Teenage Createra users are now game creators at huge firms.

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