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Gear joins Mexican universities for Web3 Hackathon

Gear Technologies, the firm behind the Gear protocol, recently hosted a Web3 Hackathon with some of Mexico’s best universities. It was the first time a Web3 university hackathon took place in Latin America. So here are some metaverse news about Latin America.

Gear worked with Osis, Polkadot, YBB, and Fuel, as well as some of Mexico’s biggest and best universities, such as UNAM, Tec de Monterrey, IPN, UPVM, UAM, ICEL, UABC, UP, ITAM, and UACAM, to help with the hackathon.

On December 15th and 16th, influencers, developers, university and Web3 professionals, and members of the Gear team all took part in the Web3 Universities Hackathon in Mexico. It was one of the largest hackathons ever held in Latin America, with over 500 people taking part and about 50 speakers and mentors. Gear thinks that these events are important for getting Web3 developers together and helping them grow.

The hackathon was won by ITAM with “Decentralized Diary,” Tec de Monterrey with “Vote Chain,” UACAM with “SmartCube,” IPN ESCOM with “Decentralized Internet,” and UP with “NFT ticket,” according to a press release. The winners were each given $12,000.

A new NFT project called “NFT feelings on Vara” was also shown at the event. At the hackathon, independent Mexican artists were asked to paint pictures with themes like love, trust, freedom, wisdom, and cats. Afterward, a smart contract based on the Gear protocol turned the paintings into NFTs.

Gear joins Mexican universities for Web3 Hackathon

The smart contract for the NFTs has the name of the artist, their geolocation, and a link to their social network. In six months, it will automatically tell new artists where they can contribute. Each of these artists will have to paint a picture with the same theme as the one before them. This way, the collection will become a gallery of art from all over the world.

Gear has held workshops in the past at universities all over the world, from California to Africa. Gear’s chief ecosystems officer, Pavel Salas, says that the next hackathon will be held in six months and will be even bigger.

Latin American Web3 Projects

For Latin Americans interested in crypto, NFTs, and Web3 technology, Gear’s Web3 hackathon in Mexico should be a big deal. It’s not the only Web3 project we’ve seen in Latin America this year.

The University of So Paulo, which is Brazil’s biggest public university, just added the metaverse to its campus. Working with Radio Caca, the university is building a research center in the United States of Mars metaverse where it plans to study things like augmented reality and 3D design.

In April 2022, Johnson & Johnson opened the “Innovation Room,” a place for medical training in the metaverse. The new project will use advances in augmented reality to teach students how to improve their surgical skills in plastic surgery, heart surgery, orthopedic surgery, and colon cancer surgery.

Even though Latin America hasn’t been at the forefront of the Web3 movement like the U.S., Asia, and the Middle East, more Web3 news is starting to come out of the continent. The hackathon in Mexico looks like a huge success. Maybe that means that Latin American countries will be more involved in Web3 in the future.

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