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Gala Metaverse Games explained

Blockchain technology has brought about a new horizon to gaming. There have been lots of Metaverse gaming projects competing in the blockchain gaming industry this year. Some older Metaverse games are Decentraland and Sandbox, though the newer ones seem countless. Many people are positive that the potentials of blockchains can add to the hype of Metaverse gaming. Knowing that, more and more developers try to wave the market by bringing up unique blockchain gaming ideas in the world of Metaverse. Accordingly, our team seems it essential to inform our followers about the most recent Metaverse games, this time Gala Metaverse games. In the following, we introduce Gala game and its ecosystem. Further, we discuss if it is a safe choice to invest in.

What is Gala Metaverse games?

Gala Metaverse Games explained

Gala Games is a blockchain gaming company that aims to combine NFT technology and cryptocurrencies to create an ecosystem for various games. This platform already includes 14 different games, 2 of which are at beta stage. It was founded by Eric Schiermeyer, Wright Thurston and Michael McCarthy in 2018. They have a strong background in software development as the founders of Zynga and Farmville.

 It seeks to take the gaming industry into a new direction regarding games based on crypto assets and Play-to -Earn. Second, all the games in the platform offer players the true ownership of in-game assets using NFTs. Therefore, all players earn in a game will be in form of an NFT and all transactions and data related to the NFT are recorded on a blockchain.

Gala Games is a decentralized gaming and Metaverse crypto foundation that was built initially on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, the platform allows players to win NFT tokens and add them to their gaming accounts. Gala has also been available on BNB Smart Chain (BSC) recently.

How does Gala Games work?

How Gala Games Work

Gala Games is unique in that all the games on the platform are entirely free to start and play while most GameFi/Metaverse ecosystem require players to purchase NFTs or directly invest a certain amount into the game to start playing. Gala games provides all things players may need to purchase NFTs and trade within their market platform.

Founder nodes are one of the key elements in Gala’s architecture. Nodes allow for governance changes in the protocol. They allow voting for fundamental changes in the project, such as the games to launch and how to manage the rewards system. At the time of writing, Gala owns almost twenty thousand funder nodes. Though, the total number of the nodes that can exist can reach to fifty thousand.

As we already mentioned, Gala currently is available in both Ethereum and BSC blockchains, but the project is currently working on becoming a Layer-1 Protocol so that the platform is not dependent on other famous crypto platforms. This means that Gala games has a system entirely of its own to upgrade and develop.

Gala Nodes

Gala Metaverse Games explained

Gala Games operates on a distributed network of computers rather than a centralized server controlled by a single entity.

These network of computers, referred to as nodes, provide computational resources to the Gala Games’ decentralized gaming network in exchange for rewards. A participant or a Founder’s Node is responsible to secure the platform from frauds or scams, validate transactions and generate GALA assets. Nodes periodically receive GALA tokens and unique NFTs as rewards for their computational effort.

Besides, node operators can vote on community proposals and decide on the aspects of ecosystem development. A Gala Node license can be purchased with the GALA token and is required to operate a Gala Node.

The GALA Token

Gala Metaverse Games explained

Gala Games consists of several blockchain games, such as Town Star and Mirandus. All the games running under Gala games use the GALA token. GALA is used for in-game items, NFT purchases and governance protocol through the founder nodes. GALA token holds a maximum supply of 35 billion while, at the time of writing, 7 billion GALA is currently in circulation.

At the beginning of 2022, over 17 million tokens were distributed into the network every day. Half of these tokens went to plac6100 and the other half was distributed for the founder nodes. However, since last July, the number of GALA tokens decreased to a little over 8 million.

The GALA token allows a system of payment and liquidity that is safe and supported by blockchain protocols, in interaction with the Gala Games ecosystem. Gala is a crypto project, therefore its system run only by digital currencies.

What makes GALA crypto different

  • Diverse Game Ecosystem: Gala Games ecosystem is very diverse and target a wide variety of players. Several types of games developed under Gala games have the potential to attract many players with different preferences and interests.
  • Investing in Platform: By investing in GALA token means, players actually invest in gaming platforms and NFTs. Gala Games also plans to expand its platform to include music, movies, and more NFT collections.
  • Looking for quality: Gala Games team focuses on the quality of the game first before considering the financial aspect (P2E, NFT, etc.). Gala Games also increases the quality of games through working with a team of experienced developers to ensure the quality of each game.

Gala Games ecosystem

Gala Games offers a variety of games which continue to attract millions of players to the platform. At the time of writing, the popular games existing in Gala games are:

Town Star

Town Star is a farming simulation game similar to SimCity, giving players the option to place their cities anywhere in the world and build as they desire. While building the environment, players can choose to turn certain physical assets into valuable NFTs, then sell them on the platform.

To make the city more attractive, players may also buy NFTs available in the Gala marketplace or even OpenSea, the biggest NFT platform in the world.


Gala Metaverse Games explained

Mirandus is an MMORPG game. In this game, players live in a territory run by groups called monarchs. Players can choose a monarch to serve as a soldier or become a shop owner in their communities.

Currently, Mirandus only offers players the option to purchase NFTs which will later be used in the game, such as features and accessories for the game classes. The game is still in development phase.

The Walking Dead Empires

Gala Metaverse Games explained

The Walking Dead Empires is the most mainstream project for Gala Games. The game is based on the Walking Dead Series from production company AMC. The game requires players to defend territories by setting up and customizing their own camps. Users should try to own more accessories and features to the camp through NFT minting and trading so that they have greater chances of survival and making more profit.

Gala NFT Marketplace

Gala has developed an NFT marketplace for the game ecosystem. Players can buy NFTs using cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BAT, and GALA. Gala games also runs a digital wallet to store NFT and other Gala-related assets. Players usually buy these NFT collections as investment assets or items that players can use directly in the game on the Gala ecosystem.

Since few months ago, all NFT collections of Gala games have been traded directly on OpenSea. Users only need to import accounts from Gala wallet to MetaMask to buy on OpenSea.

Is GALA a good investment?

Reviewing the price chart of the GALA token since January 2022 shows a decrease in the price of GALA mostly due to the bear market in 2022. Though, it is a good time to determine the potential of the GALA token and find out if it can get back to its peak price. GALA needs to use all its potential to reach the pick price again and break out of the longer-term downtrend in the bear market.

Gala Games’ position is very unique compared to other crypto gaming and Metaverse assets even on the bear market this year. One point is that, unlike Sandbox, Decentraland, and Axie Infinity, investing in GALA tokens means investing in 14 games (and more are coming). Second, Gala Games works with one of the biggest PC gaming platforms (Epic Games) which also may guarantee the future success of Gala games.

GALA and the Gala platform are unique blockchain gaming industry projects with great potential. With the launch of the new games supported by Gala games, the value of the GALA token will increase. However, there is the risk if the in development games will be successful to attract users. The question is if you can take the risk or not.

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