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Futureverse integrates eight web3 companies to create an open metaverse ecosystem

Futureverse has announced a merger that will bring together eight metaverse companies into a single collaborative ecosystem. The goal is to improve the Web3 and “Open Metaverse” experiences. Futureverse is the result of five years of planning, research, and development to lay the groundwork for an open and scalable metaverse infrastructure with world-class content and an active community. Aaron McDonald, Shara Senderoff, Marco Brondani, and Daniel Gillespie all helped start Futureverse, which now has more than 300 full-time employees. Futureverse released a trailer for one of their upcoming metaverse ecosystems along with today’s news.

Infrastructure is a key part of making the metaverse a reality. The Futureverse infrastructure is made up of four core tools: identity, AI, communications, and payments. These tools are all connected vertically through The Root Network, a decentralized blockchain network that is optimized for user experience. All of this comes to life thanks to a layer of user-generated content that was made with stories in mind. The Futureverse roll-up puts all of these important building blocks for the “Open Metaverse” under one roof to improve the user experience and speed up implementation.

The following companies make up the Futureverse roll-up

Altered State Machine is the best AI protocol for games and metaverses that use AI. Non-Fungible Labs is a creative and engineering studio that makes ecosystem avatars and world environments, like FLUF World, as well as “DOT,” a 3D programmatic avatar and asset creation software based on the Dynamic Object Transformer.

Sylo made the Sylo protocol, which uses The Seekers’ gamified node infrastructure to provide decentralized communications for the metaverse.
Centrapay is a software development kit for digital asset payments that allows Web3 payments in major global payment networks.

The decentralized digital identity protocol/software development kit and the decentralized asset custody protocol were made by Centrapass. Immersve is a multi-chain payment protocol and web3/metaverse MastercardĀ® product that links web3/metaverse infrastructure to the MastercardĀ® network.

The Party Bear collection was made by Shadows Interactive, an animation studio in Los Angeles. Altered Phoenix is a game development studio that has made games in many different genres and for many different platforms.

Aaron McDonald, a co-founder of Futureverse, “For the past five years we’ve been developing the tools and infrastructure to co-create the future with our communities. We’re enabling companies and creators to deliver the open metaverse experience that they want for their audience. We don’t see the metaverse as one super app controlled by a single company. Futureverse is your seamless portal in and out of all apps in the metaverse; with you comes your passport, friends, communications, finances, and content.”

“A lot of companies are telling you that they’re building the future. We are not,” says Futureverse Co-Founder Shara Senderoff. “We believe that the future is a collective vision. The future is the only truly decentralized idea. Futureverse proposes a more virtuous model for the internet both in values and technology, designed to shape what’s to come and who controls it, together.”

Futureverse has built up a large cultural footprint in the Web3 space and beyond through strategic partnerships and several projects with FIFA, Authentic Brands Group, Muhammad Ali Enterprises, Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, Keanu Reeves, Alexandra Grant, and more.

The Content

FIFA AI LEAGUE, an AI football game that was just announced, Muhammad Ali:

The Next Legends, an AI boxing game, FLUF World, a metaverse ecosystem of collectible characters, and a global creative community that includes the popular collections of Flufs, Party Bears, Thingies, Burrows, ATEM Car Club, AIFA All-Stars, ASM Genesis Brains, and The Seekers are all part of the Futureverse.


The Futureverse is made up of a new blockchain network called The Root Network, an identity protocol, an AI platform, a communication protocol, payment rails, and character creator technologies. With the Futureverse merger, we combined the basic elements that are needed for any metaverse application to work. Futureverse wants to be the global leader in bringing in the next generation of Open Metaverse and Web3 users who will build the future together. With a strong content layer on top of this infrastructure, the community network effects are huge.

Futureverse Foundation

Futureverse has also set up the nonprofit Futureverse Foundation, which has artists Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves as advisors. Futureverse Foundation invests in underrepresented artists, creatives, and communities to make both the metaverse and the real world more diverse, fair, and welcoming places for everyone. The goal of the Futureverse Foundation is to help underrepresented artists and show their work on digital and physical platforms. They will do this by promoting social and economic equity and helping artists around the world. Futureverse Foundation will give grants to artists who aren’t well-known or from different backgrounds to help them develop their own unique styles and promote them on global platforms. Futureverse Foundation also wants to keep the metaverse open, healthy, and growing.

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