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Former Axie Infinity Esports head joins Polygon’s Crypto Unicorns Game

The developers of the Polygon-based NFT game Crypto Unicorns, Laguna Games, have announced that Andrew “Zyori” Campbell has been appointed Product and Market Growth Head. We have frequently heard in the metaverse news that business executives have moved to other companies.

Who is Campbell?

Campbell was previously the Director of Esports for Axie Infinity, the most profitable non-financial trading card game in terms of total trading volume, with over $4.2 billion in total trading volume. Campbell was an esports commentator for games such as Dota 2 and StarCraft II in the past.

Creating a “multiverse” of Crypto Unicorns experiences, Campbell will assist Laguna Games in expanding its portfolio, which may include the addition of new games that utilize the NFT unicorn companions. Campbell disclosed that he had enjoyed the game from its 2021 NFT debut.

“I’ve been impressed with the distinctive art style, commitment to experimentation, and activity within the DAO,” he added, adding that the game has “maintained a very engaged community” prepared to participate in decentralized governance.

The browser-based video game Crypto Unicorns is based on NFT unicorns and Polygon, an Ethereum scaling network. According to CryptoSlam, the game blends virtual pet and agricultural gameplay elements, and the NFTs have generated a total trading volume of around $49 million to date. The studio raised $5 million in startup funding in 2021.

Campbell in Crypto Unicorns Game

At Axie Infinity developer Sky Games, Campbell handled the game’s move into competitive play, including last year’s Axie Infinity World Championship, the $2.4 million AXS token reward program for community organizations, and relationships with famous esports teams like as Cloud9 and Method.

In his new position at Laguna Games, Campbell said that he will “be working more closely with the product team, ensuring alignment across the ecosystem [and] user experience, and engaging directly with the community.” After that, the company plans to begin expanding Crypto Unicorns to include additional types of games.

“Crypto Unicorns has created a great foundation for [its] universe and a captivating land gameplay experience—but that’s just the first step,” he said. “Now that the groundwork is set, we can think about expanding into a wider variety of genres that will capture a more diverse audience. Players need more things to do with their unicorns!”

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