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Forever 21 Utilizes Roblox Metaverse For Product Testing

The metaverse is increasingly serving as a testing ground for new products. The American fashion firm Forever 21 has now announced that it will bring digital clothing that was initially tested in the Roblox metaverse to physical stores. You can follow Metaverse news to know the latest news about programs like Roblox.

A year ago, the firm created a store in the game metaverse Roblox and began selling digital clothing for avatars. Its most popular product is a digital black beanie that it did not actually sell. The price of the beanie is approximately 70 cents, and the brand is expected to sell over 1.5 million of them this year, making it one of Forever 21’s best-performing goods ever.

Now, this beanie and other products that were initially evaluated digitally will be made accessible at physical stores in the United States.

Forever 21 Utilizes Roblox Metaverse For Product Testing

Chief marketing officer of Forever 21, Jacob Hawkins, stated that testing products digitally is far less expensive than in-store. According to the chief executive officer of Virtual Brand Group, the Web3 business that created Forever 21’s metaverse, it cost less than $500 to create the digital beanie.

In addition to the cost savings, testing digital items in the metaverse prior to manufacturing allows corporations to save the months of labor required to create a physical product. In contrast, digital items can be generated in days.

In 2020, Forever 21 emerged from bankruptcy when Simon Property Group, Authentic Brands, and Brookfield Property Partners purchased the company. Now, the company looks to be utilizing Web3 technology in novel ways to broaden its audience. It also intends to release a physical edition of its “digital-first prom collection” in early 2023.

Roblox Continues to Enjoy a Successful Year

Forever 21 Utilizes Roblox Metaverse For Product Testing

This year, more than one firm has used Roblox to offer digital things, including Forever 21. Despite a decline in the crypto and NFT sectors, Roblox continues to attract well-known brands and corporations to its popular game metaverse.

For example: The first restaurant chain to unveil a new menu item in the metaverse was Chipotle Mexican Grill. The California-based brand introduced the Garlic Guajillo Steak through its Chipotle Grill Simulator experience on Roblox, and the new menu item was also available at real-world locations in the United States and Canada. Next, on September 26, Walmart unveiled two game experiences on the Roblox. Another event at “Walmart Land” was a virtual concert called “Electric Fest.” “Walmart Land” featured an obstacle course with items from cosmetics companies. The American retail behemoth considers Roblox as a proving ground before to its next Web3 move.

And also FIFA, the international soccer governing body, collaborated with Roblox to develop a virtual experience for the World Cup in Qatar. The FIFA metaverse experience includes challenges, skill-based games, and FIFA+ archived video material.

The concept of using Roblox to test products prior to their release in the real world increases the usability of the metaverse. We must wait to see if the black beanie and other digitally designed and sold products will be popular in the real world. We anticipate Forever21 and other brands to continue testing products in virtual environments if this is the case.

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