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Forbes magazine now takes its place in the metaverse

Why did the business magazine Forbes build a party boat in the virtual environment Sandbox? The business magazine has been in Web3 before, claiming to be the first publisher to transform its cover into an NFT (non-fungible token) in 2021. Vadim Supitskiy, its chief technology officer said that the 105-year-old magazine is now building its own little online universe.

According to Supitskiy, the main goals of developing this virtual environment were to equip Forbes for the future and increase the value provided to members. He stated that the work will finally pay off.

Forbes CTO: Web3 will help us create a ‘full circle’ for our users

To enter Forbes’ “first-ever metaverse destination and event” members would get a “wearable” NFT, which would allow them to “interact with other members, purchase Forbes-branded wearable NFTs in the Forbes Store, and even check out the famous Forbes Highlander Yacht”.

In Neal Stephenson’s 1992 book Snow Crash, it was initially used to refer to a virtual world accessed by headsets, but it is now used to access to a wide range of online activities.

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