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Find out which countries love or hate the metaverse

56.8% of the metaverse-related tweets from Vietnam were positive about the idea. This metaverse news focus is on the countries that are extremely fond of the metaverse.

A recent look at more than a million tweets revealed a list of countries that both love and hate the metaverse. At one end of the spectrum, Vietnam was at the top, while Ireland was at the other.

A website for cryptocurrency data called CoinKickoff looked at 1.6 million tweets from all over the world to find out which countries like the idea of the metaverse and which ones don’t. 56.8% of tweets from the Southeast Asian country Vietnam were positive, making it the country with the most positive tweets.

Most of the countries in East Asia agreed with the idea. In terms of metaverse support, the Philippines, Ukraine, Nigeria, and Indonesia were among the top countries, along with Vietnam.

Find out which countries love or hate the metaverse

On the other hand, Ireland had the most tweets that were negative about the metaverse. The data show that 14.4% of the tweets from the European country about the metaverse were negative.

Most of the countries in the West were against the metaverse. Aside from Ireland, the most negative tweets about the metaverse came from Denmark, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada.

In the meantime, metaverse use cases change over time. In a recent interview with Cointelegraph, Jennifer Roberts, a partner at Woodstock Ventures, talked about how the Woodstock music festival is using the metaverse to create its future and protect its past. Roberts says that the metaverse is a “democratizing experience” where people can show off what they believe in.

Nokia is best known for its mobile phones, but it has also entered the metaverse to connect remote beer producers and airplane maintenance. Robert Joyce, the chief technology officer of Nokia Oceania, recently told Cointelegraph that Nokia has been working with other companies to try out different ways to use the metaverse.

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