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Elon Musk says he is deleting 1.5M twitter accounts

The two men chimed in on Twitter regarding a software update that will show users how many times a Tweet has been seen.

Elon Musk is adamant that he will remove another 1.5 million accounts from Twitter in an effort to “free up space,” but he is still devoted to his ostensibly never-ending battle against bot and spam accounts. In a series of Tweets, Musk stated that accounts that haven’t used Twitter in a long time and don’t have any Tweets of their own will be targeted for removal.

Then, he informed his audience that Twitter will soon release a new update that would explain why accounts were being “shadowbanned.” If you are interested in knowing the latest Twitter updates and Elon Musk interviews, follow Metaverse news.

Musk also (much to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s delight) informed users that Twitter would begin displaying view counts on all Tweets, not just videos.

“Twitter is much more alive than people think,” Musk wrote, which garnered a response from Dorsey who said that view counts were a “much better metric” to create transparency on shadow-banning.

Musk’s strong moves toward more transparency on the platform come after the release of the “Twitter Files,” which showed that content moderators and other powerful people at Twitter were making decisions about and suspending certain content without Dorsey’s knowledge or consent.

Musk has been a supporter of free speech on Twitter since he first bought the company. He has often said that he wants Twitter to be a “digital town square” where people can share their ideas freely.

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