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Discord adds ChatGPT-like capabilities, AI-generated chat summaries

Discord is the most recent company to adopt AI. Today, the company released new AI experiences on many servers.

Most notably, Discord is enhancing its Clyde bot using OpenAI ChatGPT technology to enable lengthier conversations. Enter @‌Clyde on any server channel to connect with Clyde. You may create a thread for your friends to congregate. According to Discord, Clyde may suggest playlists and utilize GIFs and emoticons like any other player.

Discord stated in a blog post that Clyde reacts to slash commands and sends you direct messages if you make an error. The OpenAI technology will bring Clyde to life on Discord the following week.

Clyde can provide gifs or five cat-related information

AutoMod is being upgraded by Discord to utilize large language models. AutoMod now uses OpenAI technology to identify and warn moderators of server rule breaches within a discussion. Today, certain servers begin experimenting with AutoMod AI.

Since last year, AutoMod has automatically prevented more than 45 million unwanted messages from being posted to servers.

AI will produce topic summaries for Discord. The new capability categorizes communications by subject, allowing users to swiftly catch up or participate. Some users will see these updated summaries on the right side of the screen. Conversation summaries may be enabled in Server Settings and will soon be available on some servers.

Discord is contemplating more AI integrations beyond these three new experiences. The Avatar Remix source code is now accessible on GitHub. Also, the company is evaluating a shared visual space with an AI-powered text-to-image generator for friends and employees.

Via the incubator, Discord is supporting developers and businesses with $5 million. Candidates will get money incentives, office hours with the Discord development team, and early platform updates.

Since its beginning a few months ago, Open AI’s ChatGPT has dominated the internet, making AI a fashionable issue.

Snapchat and Slack have recently incorporated capabilities similar to ChatGPT, joining Discord.

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