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Dentsu cooperates with Microsoft to build path to the metaverse

Dentsu International revealed that it has partnered with Microsoft to create an exclusive partnership space in the metaverse, designed to inspire and motivate brands to innovate and experiment with Web3 technologies.

Using their combined expertise, the businesses have cooperated to showcase a range of real-world use-cases re-imagined in a virtual environment to create greater engagement, productivity, and accessibility for business.

With countless brands and businesses still evaluating how to benefit from the enormous opportunities offered by Web3, dentsu and Microsoft have cooperated to explore what can be achieved in business-critical areas like customer service, retail, and learning and development.

This initiative is supported by Dentsu’s lately announced Web3 Center of Excellence, located in the Creative pillar.

This is where customers and dentsu teams have the opportunity to create, test ideas, test hypotheses, and learn how evolving technologies and platforms could be used within integrated campaigns or upcoming business models.

The new dimension, created by a move into the virtual world, brings exciting and attractive opportunities to transform important touch points with customers and employees. Dentsu and Microsoft’s newly built spaces are located on the Dentsu’s campus, in “Moon Valley”, a digital twin of the moon created by HeadOffice.

Space, the metaverse for productivity. The space was specifically designed to be more accessible by more people and via any web-enabled device, plus VR & mobile.

Space development in the Metaverse needs the use of some exclusive technologies, brought together for the initial time by the Dentsu and Microsoft Teams.

Val Vacante, vice president Solutions and Innovation, dentsu: “We have seen countless activities around the Metaverse, with some businesses just looking to grab headlines instead of understanding how Web3 can actually change the way we see business challenges”.

At dentsu we say it is “close, but not here” and that’s precisely why we wanted to cooperate with Microsoft to show the world how today’s business problems can be solved in the metaverse tomorrow.

Whether it’s overcoming the skills-gap by creating accessible and engaging training programs, building multichannel customer loyalty solutions using NFTs, or mapping innovation discoveries via our NXT Intelligence platform, the chances are really endless”.

Paul Veltman, Group Vice President, Growth and Enablement, dentsu: “Microsoft and dentsu have been partners for many years and work hard to push the boundaries of where tech, creativity and productivity meet with the brands and customers we serve.

However, when we come together, we always want to do so with a clear concentrate – everything we create must help our clients solve problems and stand-out, but it also has to drive tangible, sustainable growth.

“As we develop this fascinating new virtual space, we invite our customers, individuals and partners to explore, experiment and co-create. From connected e-commerce chances to compelling talent solutions and integrated CRM capabilities, we have an appealing new space to collaborate with you on your metaverse journey”.

“The media and advertising industry continues to be transformed by digital tech, that currently involves the metaverse,” said Simon Crownshaw, managing Director of Media and Entertainment, Microsoft.

These developments require brands to adapt their business models and strategies in real time to benefit from new creative chances.

While our partnership with dentsu evolves, we continue to elevate creativity with the power of the Microsoft Cloud, enabling the upcoming of content creation and cooperation from anywhere in the world”.

Dentsu and Microsoft will be announcing more details of the new virtual space in the coming months, culminating in a full demonstration at CES 2023.

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