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Decentraland launches worlds Beta, 3D Spaces designed to NAME holders

Decentraland Introduces Worlds, Tailored 3D Spaces for NAME Holders in Beta Version

Decentraland plans to employ the new Worlds feature to enable citizens to build, experiment, and organize events without the need for LAND. Traditionally, land ownership was required to organize elite events. The Worlds functionality is expected to decrease the threshold for becoming a Decentrand creator.

Create Your Metaverse Presence

To use the new feature, users must own NAME NFTs. NAME NFTs exist alongside Decentraland’s Genesis City and LAND infrastructure.

The NAME NFT can be assigned to a citizen’s avatar or LAND within the DCL ecosystem for 100 MANA, or around $30. On the Decentraland marketplace, users can also purchase NAME NFTs from other owners.

A single World can now contain up to four 1616 meter parcels. Each World can support up to 100 concurrent users and has a maximum file size of 100 MB.

The Decentraland Foundation reiterated that the feature is now in beta and that other changes are on the way, including an increase in parcel and megabyte size restrictions. The metaverse foundation may allow users to host their Worlds on their servers in future generations.

The metaverse confirms that citizens and creators will have complete creative freedom in building their world. Users can customize the layout of the parcels in their space and create a footprint that best matches their needs.

Producers can now control access to their World using Decentraland’s SDK for LAND parcels. Players can exclude guests by imposing restrictions and criteria, such as allowing only visitors with specific NFTs and visitors with passes.

How to Get Into Worlds Users can access Worlds with deployed scenes by entering specific URLs or using chat commands in Decentraland’s in-world chat box.

-Enter into your browser’s address bar and press ‘Enter’ to enter a World through URL.
-To enter a World through Decentraland’s in-world chatbox, press “Enter” to open the chatbox, then type “/changerealm NAME.dcl.eth” and press “Enter” again to execute the command.
The Worlds function is operational and available to anyone with a NAME. Users must deploy a scene using the SDK command-line tool to activate the World connected with their Decentraland NAME NFT.

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