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Commission Official: EU Metaverse Policy Should Cover Discrimination, Safety, Data Controls

The European Commission wants to make policy about virtual worlds in May.

On Friday, a top official from the European Commission said that when deciding how to manage the metaverse, the European Union must think about nondiscrimination, user safety, and data privacy. The metaverse news is updated with the most recent information from the UE.

The EU’s executive branch is working on a policy document about virtual worlds that will be released in May. The bloc wants to avoid what it sees as past mistakes with internet laws.
Yvo Volman, director of data at the European Commission’s digital department, DG Connect, said at an event hosted by the Commission in Brussels, “We want to make sure that the developments that we see in virtual worlds are fully in line with our European values from the outset – values such as inclusion, respect of privacy, non-discrimination and equality.”

He said, “We have to make sure that people feel safe in virtual worlds, as safe as they do in the real world or actually perhaps even safer,” he said. “We need to make sure that people have the right skills and tools to protect their assets in virtual worlds – their data.”
“We need to get it right from the start,” noted Volman. “We need to avoid some mistakes that we perhaps have made with the advent of the internet.”

The EU just passed major rules that will make it harder for Google and Amazon to control the online market.

Authorities from the commission’s powerful antitrust division have already warned that similar things could happen in Web3. For example, Facebook has changed its name to Meta Platforms in order to create its own online virtual reality area.

Volman talked about the possible benefits of the metaverse, like online surgery and education, but he also said, “we also have to tackle the downsides.”

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