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Colombia becomes first country to hold court session in metaverse

This metaverse news introduces a country, Colombia where recently held a court hearing in the “Metaverse,” which included cartoon avatars.

Colombia is one of the first countries in the world to hold a court session in Meta’s metaverse. This happened this week.

The lawmakers of the South American country met for two hours using Horizon Workrooms, a Meta platform that lets teams work together in a virtual office.

Colombian lawyers wore virtual headsets to join the meeting, which was shown live on YouTube. People at the meeting looked like computer-generated characters, or “avatars.”

And the hearing—which saw a complaint trying to sue the police—was a success, according to those in the virtual conference. The magistrate of the Magdalena court, Mara Victoria Quiones Triana, said “The use of information technology in the development of judicial proceedings has the essential purpose of facilitating and expediting these processes [of executing justice].”

But not everyone who watched the livestream thought it was a good idea. Some said it was silly to see creatures that looked like cartoons. One viewer said, “I feel it takes away from the seriousness [of the case]. If I want to see myself in a dinosaur character, is that also acceptable?”

It was the first time that Colombian lawmakers had a full virtual hearing. However, hearings using Meta’s technology have happened elsewhere. According to local media, a Chinese court held a virtual conference in September.

Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, virtual court hearings and meetings in general became the norm in 2020.

With governments all over the world imposing lockdowns, professionals flocked to the Zoom platform for video conferencing to meet. This drove up the company’s stock and put its market value through the roof.

Because people depended more on technology, strange things happened, like when a Texas lawyer who didn’t seem to know how to use the platform couldn’t change a video filter.

But a meeting where everyone shows up as a cartoon computer character is a different story.

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