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CME derivatives marketplace to provide data on three metaverse tokens

CME Group new reference is one of the most notable metaverse news today. With CME Group’s reference rates and real-time indexes for three metaverse crypto assets, investors will be able to track pricing data in a more traditional way.

CME Group, the largest derivatives market, and CF Benchmarks, the leader in cryptocurrency benchmark indices, announced three new Metaverse reference rates and real-time indices on January 4.

Using a mechanism developed by CME Group for its derivatives marketplace, investors will be able to track rates and indexes for the three metavserse assets. Beginning on January 30th, the CF Benchmarks will calculate and publish these indexes on a daily basis.

The CME CF Benchmark series of reference rates and real-time indices leverages price data from the leading cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms for these new Metaverse benchmarks. The three metavserse tokens are prices for MANA, Chiliz and Axie Infinity (AXS).

At least two cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bitstamp, Coinbase, Kraken, itBit, and LMAX Digital, will supply pricing information for AXS, CHZ, and MANA reference rates and real-time indexes. At 4:00 PM GMT, it will announce the daily asset reference rates in US dollars. Additionally, the real-time index will be updated every second.

More transparency and accuracy in the crypto market

The reference rates and indexes will bring more transparency and accuracy to the crypto market. Cryptocurrency prices will be more transparent, market participants will be able to price portfolios for specific industries, develop more secure structured products, and manage price risk for a variety of Metaverse-based projects.

These standards will provide accurate and trustworthy information regarding the pricing of Metaverse-related tokens. The Metaverse is a virtual platform that enables the existence of online communities and properties.

Therefore, the fact that CME, a major trading company, is now present in the Metaverse is advantageous for investors and users.

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