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ChatGPT will speed up the development of the metaverse

Industry leaders at a metaverse industry summit in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, said that ChatGPT or similar AI services will speed up research and business growth, which requires data and algorithms. once a month ChatGPT has been a trend in the technological and metaverse news sectors.

The ChatGPT is a smaller version of a “language-based metaverse” because it lets people “chat” in a virtual world. Speakers at the Metaverse Industry Conference 2023, or IMIC, said that this will be good for the industry.

Researchers, experts, and business leaders from Internet companies like Baidu, which plans to offer services like ChatGPT in March, attend the meeting.

ChatGPT breaks metaverse barriers

Metaverse and ChatGPT need a lot of data, processing power, and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Luo Jun, executive director of the Chinese Computer Industry Association Metaverse Industry Professional Committee, says that ChatGPT’s progress has broken down several metaverse barriers.

Luo said that ChatGPT has sped up the metaverse by at least ten years. By 2030, the metaverse will be everywhere.

Baidu has made a Plato-XL AI model with more than 10 billion “conversation” training instances for intelligent cloud applications like the metaverse. At the IMIC conference, Baidu said that Ernie Bot is getting a “system update.”

Ernie Bot, Baidu’s AI service that works like ChatGPT, will finish its internal tests next month.

ChatGPT has made the big names in online search and software compete with each other, and companies are in a good position to benefit from the new technology.

The vice president of iQiyi, Xu Yongming, says that ChatGPT will speed up the implementation of the metaverse. “Virtual screen playing,” a feature of the streaming service, will let users “play roles” in the metaverse.

Kunshan’s metaverse industrial production will reach 100 billion yuan ($14.7 billion) by 2025. This will help Shanghai, the first metropolis in the country to include metaverse in its long-term development plan, grow in a way that benefits both cities.

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