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ChatGPT boosts Amazon AI-written e-books

Hundreds of books written by ChatGPT have appeared on Amazon in recent weeks as people attempt to profit on generative AI.

On Wednesday, February 22, the online book retailer listed over 300 novels that OpenAI’s AI software had independently written or co-written. These works spanned from fantasy fiction to nonfiction and self-help.

The titles of the books include “The star weaver’s lesson: an enchanting bedtime story” and “ChatGPT more intelligent than humans?” and “Make more income with ChatGPT.”

Some users of ChatGPT have even created entirely artificial intelligence-generated illustrated children’s books by combining the application with other generative AI technologies.

Due to the nature of ChatGPT and the refusal of many authors to admit using it, it is extremely impossible to obtain a thorough accounting of how many e-books may have been written by artificial intelligence.

The development of the software has already scared some of the major names in the IT industry, prompting Alphabet and Microsoft, respectively, to hastily implement new AI-infused capabilities in Google and Bing.

Because ChatGPT learns to write by scanning millions of pages of previous content, its credibility is already being questioned. Before CNet discontinued its use of artificial intelligence, an AI experiment yielded numerous corrections and what appeared to be plagiarism.

When wannabe authors and self-help experts looking to earn a quick buck turn to ChatGPT for assistance in creating bot-made e-books and selling them through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing division, the book business appears to be on the verge of disruption.

Illustrated children’s books are a preferred genre of such debut authors. There are hundreds of instructions on YouTube, TikTok, and Reddit that demonstrate how to construct a book in a few hours. Topics covered include get-rich-quick schemes, dietary tips, software development assistance, and recipes.

Mary Rasenberger, executive director of the Writers Guild, stated, “This is something we should be very concerned about; these books will flood the market, and many authors will lose their jobs.” She remarked that, despite the lengthy history of human ghostwriting, automation made possible by artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to turn book authorship into a commodity.

Maybe you will end up with a large number of publications of poor quality, she warned. She stated that Authors and platforms must be clear about how these publications are created.

Amazon did not react when asked if it planned to investigate or modify its Kindle store policy on writers’ usage of AI or other automated writing tools.

According to an Amazon spokesperson all books in the store must adhere to our content guidelines, including the protection of intellectual property rights and compliance with any other applicable laws.

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