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Cartier’s augmented reality experience now available in stores

Permitting visitors to view a selection of rings that may not otherwise be readily available for try-on. Cartier has been mentioned in metaverse news.

With its latest deployment of augmented reality (AR) technology, Cartier, the illustrious jewelry designer that has been producing works since 1847, moves into the future.

Its objectives are made possible by a technology it refers to as “the Looking Glass,” which, at first look, resembles a small stylish lamp. Upon closer inspection, the tool includes a camera and is attached to an iPad to project scans of the user’s hands in augmented reality with nearly instantaneous feedback.

What is Looking Glass’s aim?

The Looking Glass is an in-store-only experience, a move made on purpose by Cartier to retain the quality of the experience and boost visits to retail locations. As reported by Wired, the technology was created in collaboration with software firms Jolibrain and Blue Trail Software and is currently being tested in several global locations.

“Integral to the Looking Glass experience is a set of custom-designed marker rings, with ceramic beads embedded as tracking dots for the StyleGAN neural net. The ring’s design aims to strike a balance between an expected preciousness of Cartier products and the functionality of being seen by the computer yet felt by the client. The complete set of sizes are held magnetically in a solid piece of hardwood. The rings are inspired by Cartier’s 1895 wedding band with diamond,” shared Cartier’s Design Director Jonathan Yoshida Rowell.

Boone Ashworth of Wired stated that while the experience is of far greater quality than augmented reality on mobile devices, it is still not “completely realistic.”

What is Cartier’s long-term purpose?

For some clients, Cartier is thinking about adding touch-ups to hands through the program, like filters that make fingers longer or fix blemishes. This would make the experience more beautiful. Even though this seems to be a new idea.

At the moment, Looking Glass has 13 different rings that are said to cost anywhere from $3,000 to $200,000. Cartier has said that more styles are coming and that it may soon start making other things like bracelets, cuffs, and maybe even watches.

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