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Borget said, “The story is changing. I think we’re making a difference.”


The founders of OMA3 said that they want to work with Meta, which Animoca’s Siu called a “threat,” to make a metaverse format that everyone can use.

Companies that were used to building “walled gardens” or closed ecosystems had a hard time making the change. The co-founder of the WAX-based Web3 game Alien Worlds, Saro McKenna, pointed out that Facebook has made widely used open-source tools like GraphQL in the past. He also said that tech giants will return to open development, which will be a “journey.”

She said, “We hope to take that journey with Meta and all the other Web2 platforms that are thinking about how to really get ready for the Web3 internet.” “OMA3 works with existing companies and encourages Web3 innovation from the bottom up. Both things.”

McKenna thinks that Meta and other companies may agree with users that open platforms are the way of the future. Marja Konttinen, who is in charge of marketing for the Decentraland Foundation, also talked about EU rules for a truly open metaverse.

“If the EU is already listening, then I think we have their ear. This is a very important time for us to be very loud and vocal, and collaborate on that story, so we can show different options,” said Konttinen. “We’re not tied to our history; we can also be future-gazing. It helps to have friends when doing that.”

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Borget said, "The story is changing. I think we're making a difference."MahKa loves exploring the decentralized world. She writes about NFTs, the metaverse, Web3 and similar topics.

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