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BMW’s Latest Concept Car Is “Your Portal to the Digital World”

BMW unveils a concept car that uses technology that lets people make their own mixed-reality experiences. This is an interesting metaverse news for auto enthusiasts.

BMW has launched a new color-changing concept car, which the company describes as “your portal to the digital world.” The BMW I Vision Dee was revealed for the first time at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

BMW intends to put itself ahead of the curve and bring “humans and machines closer together” as the adoption of technologies including Web3, the metaverse, and broader digitalization continues to rise.

Using the brand’s E Ink technology, the car has the option to choose between 32 different colors and a digital dash called the “mixed reality slider” that enables mixed reality. The idea is to allow drivers to tailor their experience by, among other features, superimposing virtual environments.

BMW states that in combination with its sophisticated Head-up Display, the I Vision Dee’s mixed reality slider enables drivers to “decide for themselves how much digital content they want to see.”

BMW's Latest Concept Car Is “Your Portal to the Digital World”

The feature has a five-step selection range, from analog and driving-related information to augmented reality projection and entry into virtual worlds. The car also has settings for dimmable windows, which the company says can be used to slowly block out the outside world.

“With BMW I Vision Dee, we are showing how the car can be seamlessly integrated into your digital life and become a trusty companion. The vehicle itself becomes your portal to the digital world – with the driver always in control,” said Adrian van Hooydonk, head of BMW Group Design, adding “implemented the right way, technology will create worthwhile experiences, make you a better driver and simply bring humans and machines closer together.”

“A BMW lives by its unparalleled digital performance. BMW I Vision Dee is about perfect integration of virtual and physical experiences,” said Frank Weber, a member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, adding “whoever excels at integrating the customer’s everyday digital worlds into the vehicle at all levels will succeed in mastering the future of car-building.”

BMW's Latest Concept Car Is “Your Portal to the Digital World”

The addition of augmented reality to vehicles might sound as nonsensical as the addition of digital displays to cars in the 1970s, yet it did happen. As is apparent in other high-tech vehicles of our generation, the screens and their capabilities are growing and improving.

This may be largely because as we progress into the future, self-driving AI will become sufficiently competent, and “driving” will become an experience rather than a task.

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