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Top 10 Metaverse Platforms to join in 2023

The concept of virtual worlds is not new, but prior to 2021, only a few people knew how to enter metaverse. As the lockdown caused by the pandemic persisted, technologies that enabled digital realities bloomed. With the rise of technologies like virtual and augmented realities, best metaverse platform gained more attention and use from the public.

Steven Spielberg’s movie ‘Ready Player One’ showed what it would feel like to exist in a virtual world that runs parallel with the physical world. While that is fictional, gadgets such as VR boxes now bring us closer to virtual realities. At the last CES, devices that could add senses of smell and touch to the metaverse experience were unveiled. Exciting, isn’t it?

Even though the metaverse is still in its infancy, different metaverses platforms already show a lot of prospects. According to an Accenture research, the metaverse could reach a market value of $1 trillion by the end of 2025. The research also showed that 55% of consumers want to become active users of the metaverse, with 90% hoping to join in 2023.

Since its rise to mainstream publicity, many platforms have emerged, offering unique experiences to users. We have compiled a list of the top metaverse platforms to join in 2023. The only thing you have to do is read to the end. Let’s get started!

Why should you join the best metaverse platform?

Why should you join the Metaverse?

When it comes to the metaverse, many people ask questions such as what is the metaverse and why they should join. The better question is, why shouldn’t they?

To start with, What is metaverse platform? The metaverse is regarded as the next stage of the internet that would redefine how we communicate, interact and trade. The earliest application of virtual worlds came in the gaming industry, and without a doubt, it has revolutionized the whole industry.

The internet we use now is limited in terms of interactions and communications. Even though it bridges borders and distances, it has no feeling of realness. But with the metaverse, rather than communicate behind phone screens, users exist as 3D avatars in virtual worlds with limitless possibilities.

It is no surprise that companies are catching on to the frenzy. Facebook rebranded itself to Meta Platforms. Disney and Apple have announced plans to launch metaverses. Luxury fashion brands like Gucci, Nike, and Balenciaga are some of the brands that announced plans to explore the best metaverse platform for opportunities.

For users, it is a chance to experiment with a reality closer to but different from the physical world as we know it. It is also a chance to offer services and products in a new platform with a unique user experience, whether as a user or as a company.

10 Best metaverse platform to join in 2023

Different metaverse platforms exist, each offering a different experience to its users. While some metaverse platforms are for specific purposes like gaming, several other top metaverse platforms offer more uses such as virtual real estate, gaming and virtual events. That means even after reading this metaverse platforms ranking, you must still research on whatever platform you decide to join. Here is our list of the top metaverse platforms to join:

The Sandbox, Gaming metaverse platform

The Sandbox, Gaming metaverse platform

The Sandbox is a metaverse that combines blockchain technology, NFTs, and decentralized applications to create an immersive experience for its users. Originally designed as best metaverse platform to rival Minecraft, the platform has evolved to be one of the leading metaverses in the world.

The Sandbox allows users to create, edit and customize their games and other digital assets. Users can build and develop NFTs, including avatars, virtual goods, and games, using VoxEdit and Game Maker. The platform is one of the platforms fueling virtual real estate demands and growth. Users can also own parcels of land that can be built and developed to serve multiple purposes. Since the virtual world replicates the real world, many real-world buildings and utilities are replicated within The Sandbox.

In 2021, The Sandbox launched an NFT marketplace. The marketplace is a platform where users can trade and exchange in-game assets using Sandbox’s native token, ‘SAND,’ which is also used for all transactions and interactions in the game. SAND is one of the best-performing metaverse tokens, having picked up steam since the start of 2023. Users can earn the token by playing games and participating in contests. Users can also purchase it on major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance.

This best metaverse platform is also home to some of the biggest brands and companies in the world. Global brands such as Adidas, Gucci, Coca-Cola, and Balenciaga are active within the metaverse, with some having virtual stores and offering digital collectibles. Likewise, countries have delved into the virtual world to create megacities or virtual embassies. The Saudi Arabian government is the latest in a long list of countries to partner with The Sandbox. Celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Deadmau5, and Steve Aoki are some of the several celebrities to have flocked to the platform.

Decentraland, One of the best metaverse platform

Decentraland, One of the best metaverse platform

Decentraland is a 3D virtual world where users can buy virtual real estate, interact, and also play games. It is one of the top metaverse platforms in the world in terms of active users and projects. The platform is free to use and community-driven, and owned. As a result, holders of the platform’s tokens can vote and participate in the decision-making.

Decentraland features two tokens, namely LAND, and MANA. The land is an NFT representing parcels within the virtual world. Holders of LAND NFTs enjoy real estate rights and privileges. They can sell, develop and even lease out their plots of land for different purposes. MANA, on the other hand, is used for transactions and exchanges within the platform. For instance, users who wish to buy virtual goods within Decentraland have to pay with MANA. The same applies to land purchases and pay for services.

Like The Sandbox, Decentraland has a native NFT marketplace where users can transact and exchange land parcels and in-game assets such as wearables and unique names. Users also have access to a drag-and-drop editor tool which can be used to build interactive scenes and create a unique experience.

Somnium Space, Top metaverse platforms ranking

Somnium Space, Top metaverse platforms ranking

Somnium Space is a metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is one of the best when it comes to metaverse platforms ranking. The virtual world allows users to create, interact, and build customized homes, construct buildings, and other in-game digital assets. Somnium is fully interconnected and seamless. Users can easily access the digital world using a VR, desktop, or mobile device. But accessing through VR devices such as Oculus gives a more immersive experience.

This best metaverse platform has a creator tool to make it easier for users to create and customize their experiences. In the case of Somnium, users can use the tool to project, construct and trade their township, cities, and megaprojects. Users can tokenize in-game assets such as land parcels, wearables, avatars, and other collectibles. These tokenized digital assets can therefore be kept as NFTs or sold to other players in the virtual world, giving some form of revenue back to the users.

Voxels, The most widely used metaverse

Voxels, The most widely used metaverse

Voxels, formerly known as Cryptovoxels, is one of the most widely used metaverses in the world. Launched in 2018, it is also one of the premier virtual worlds. The platform, however, peaked in popularity in 2021 due to the lockdown and increased use of digital technologies and platforms.

Like several others, Voxels is a computer-generated virtual world that contains real-life infrastructures such as roads, lands, and other buildings. After its launch in 2018, the platform offered virtual land parcels for sale to the public through NFT marketplace OpenSea, making it one of the best metaverse platforms to introduce virtual real estate.

Users have complete control over their land parcels, including the right to sell, build structures or lease out the land to other users. Also, land owners can convert their land parcels to Sandbox parcels, free for anyone to use and develop. Landowners can customize their virtual land by adding audio, video, buttons, 3D texts, and voxel models.

Users can easily access the platform through mobile devices, desktops, or VR devices. Users can access the platform through popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. However, for a more immersive experience, VR gadgets are the best options.

Surprisingly, Voxels doesn’t have a native token like other metaverses. Instead, the platform uses Ethereum for transactions and trade.

Horizon Worlds, One of the Meta Platforms

Horizon Worlds, One of the Meta Platforms

Horizon Worlds is a virtual world developed by Meta Platforms, formerly Facebook. It was the first action step in the company’s direction to explore the metaverse for opportunities. This best metaverse platform is a free-to-play online game but also functions as a social interaction platform where users can interact and carry out other functions.

The platform allows users to create their avatars with customized looks and outfits. All users set out at a place called the ‘plaza’ where they can take portals to different worlds created by users. Users can make the world exclusive to them or open to the public. Horizon World features an integrated game creation system to assist users in creating their virtual worlds.

Hyperfy, Top metaverse platform

Hyperfy, Top metaverse platform

Hyperfy is an Ethereum-based virtual world-building platform. It offers a variety of uses to users, such as creating entire worlds, trading on NFT marketplaces, and customizing virtual worlds as they wish. The metaverse is a popular choice amongst digital artists and creators due to its creator tools and features.

This best metaverse platform host several worlds, some of which are private to users or made public. That includes futuristic art galleries, warehouses, other real-world infrastructures, and even a replica of Van Gogh’s bedroom.

Substrata, Unique experience of virtual world

Substrata, Unique experience of virtual world

Substrata is a virtual world that introduces a unique experience to users. The platform is renowned for its high graphics output which adds an extra layer of realness to the metaverse experience. This best metaverse platform prides itself as a virtual world that allows users to create whatever they want with few restrictions.  Each user on the platform has a virtual world that other users can visit and experience.

The platform features virtual lands users can buy, build and develop to their taste. Users can buy these virtual lands through primary sales or on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea. Alternatively, they can purchase the parcel on Subtrata’s website. However, the virtual lands on Substrata’s website aren’t NFTs. But users can, through a request, mint them into Ethereum NFTs.

Another exciting feature of Substrata is shared ownership of land parcels. Landowners can add other users as ‘writers’ of their parcels. That gives other users the power to create, edit and delete objects within the parcel. Users who don’t own or share land parcels can create objects within a free-to-use land parcel called the sandbox (parcel #20).

Even though users have control over their parcels, this best metaverse platform restricts what users can use them for. Not-safe-for-work (NSFW) content, such as adult or violent content, is not allowed on the platform.

Spatial, Create customizable 3D spaces

Spatial, Create customizable 3D spaces

Spatial is a metaverse that allows users to create customizable 3D spaces which users can use for multiple purposes. While most other metaverses started as games, Spatial was designed to introduce VR rooms that users could utilize for various uses. As a result, Spatial is a go-to option for companies and brands seeking a corporate virtual environment for their meetings or events.

This best metaverse platform allows users to create aesthetically appealing spaces ideal for remote collaboration or a virtual workplace. Instead of buying land or renting land, Spatial features well-designed space templates that can be downloaded and used as virtual rooms.  Users can also customize their full-body 3D avatars in various ways or import avatars.

Spatial also allows users to earn passive income by selling the 3D spaces as NFTs to other users. In addition, this best metaverse platform is easily accessible using the web, mobile, or VR devices. Of course, VR headsets offer a more immersive experience to the users.

Matrix World, Multichain metaverse platform

Matrix World, Multichain metaverse platform

Matrix World is a multichain metaverse that offers a distinctive experience to its users in terms of ownership, access, and customization. The metaverse is the first open virtual world running simultaneously on multiple blockchains. Currently, the platform supports Flow and Ethereum blockchain, with plans to add more blockchains over time.

In Matrix World, users can build decentralized applications (DApps) that can connect to external services and applications. This best metaverse platform also features a variety of blockchain infrastructures, and users can explore using different on-chain identities. Users can import NFTs, develop lands and create buildings with automated tools.

Virtual lands within the matrix are tradeable via blockchain networks, with the new owners having control over the assets created on the land. The owners can also compute rules which govern the visual appearance, inner properties, and lifecycle of the Land’s creations.

Unfortunately, the platform isn’t accessible via mobile devices. Users have to use web browsers such as Firefox or Chrome or VR devices to access the metaverse.

NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds is a multi-metaverse ecosystem with interconnected user-owned worlds. The platform has a similar gameplay shares with the world-building game Minecraft. Still, the team has repeatedly refuted any connections with the game or the team behind it, Mohang Studios. Nonetheless, the platform will appeal to crypto gamers who are Minecraft lovers.

This best metaverse platform allows users to own, develop and create digital assets on land plots. Compared to other metaverses, NFT Worlds are significantly larger, measuring 16 million by 16 million blocks in size. Each world contains randomly generated features and rare traits, which could add to the value and worth of the land. With only 10,000 worlds created, scarcity could add to the value of the worlds. In the NFT world, users can create games, host virtual events and community hangouts within their worlds. Users can also transact and trade with themselves using the platform’s native token, $WRLD.

FAQs about best metaverse platform

What are the top metaverse platforms?

There are several metaverses in existence, offering different experiences to users. Depending on what you plan to use the metaverse for, The Sandbox, Decentraland, Horizon Worlds are some of the best metaverse platforms in the world.

Are metaverse platforms free to enter?

Most metaverse platforms allow users connect and view the virtual world for free. However, if you want to do more like create and develop digital objects or own a land, then you would have to buy parcels of lands or rent from someone.

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