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10 best metaverse apps to follow in 2023

Metaverse has grabbed lots of attention since 2021. It has turned into a concept that has made its enthusiasts amazed and confused at the same time. While well-known companies, like Meta (previously known as Facebook) and Microsoft, have helped a lot to introduce metaverse to the world, smaller players, such as Yuga Labs, are creating the virtual world of metaverse.

Metaverse has made lots of changes in our everyday life, from shopping to gaming and doing business. As the virtual world expands, companies develop metaverse apps to get more people engaged in their virtual worlds. A long list of metaverse games and events exists that people use to interact with others, have fun and make money.

Metaverse games are considered a new opportunity to make money while having fun playing and communicating with people worldwide. However, many are still confused about how to enter metaverse and how to take advantage of it due to the increasing number of metaverse games. Others may also wonder about top metaverse apps to follow. This article aims to review the best metaverse apps currently available. We will explain the unique features of the most popular metaverse applications and examine the advantages of joining them.

What are best metaverse apps?

What are best metaverse apps?

The unique concept of metaverse defines a digital reality where users can live, work and interact with others. Metaverse uses innovative technologies like blockchain, NFT and cryptocurrencies to create a simulated digital environment. Using avatars, metaverse users connect socially, do business and live a virtual life.

Metaverse applications are the platform or gateway to the metaverse. Metaverse platforms have at least one of the following traits:

  • Decentralization
  • Interactivity
  • Corporeality
  • Creator Economy
  • Interoperability

The main characteristics of metaverse are interconnectedness and decentralization. Best metaverse apps provide a virtual environment that can be co-created, populated and improved by its residents. Top metaverse platforms also give their users a chance to trade their digital assets and make digital money. Most importantly, a true metaverse app allows digital money to be transferred into the real world or a separate ecosystem. However, not all metaverse apps satisfy the last condition.

Top 10 metaverse apps in 2023

Decentraland, the best metaverse app

Decentraland, the best metaverse app

The first on the list of top metaverse apps is Decentraland. Decentraland is often known as the pioneer of meta technology. This metaverse game provides a virtual world where users can create, trade, monetize and explore the online space while interacting with other players in real time.

The 3D world of Decentraland allows its users to engage in scenes, artworks, challenges, and similar virtual experiences to discover their creativities. Players find Decentraland unique for their ownership of experiences. They can explore various aspects of metaverse on virtual lands.

As a popular metaverse game, Decentraland allows its users to try new metaverse experiences. Users can trade virtual lands, create their own avatars, play and earn digital assets, and trade all their tokens from the game in the Decentraland marketplace. Besides, Decentraland is a favorite place of metaverse community to hold global events, which attracts some of the best-known NFT artists and investors.

Decentraland, as the best Metaverse application, has developed its own cryptocurrency called MANA to run its ecosystem. MANA is an ERC-20 coin that supports all the transactions in the platform. Its scarcity model allows burning some part of the token supply whenever a user registers a new LAND. It helps distend the token price. All the LANDs purchased are NFTs, which proves users’ ownership of the virtual asset.

Decentraland is widely supported by its community through one of the most populated Discord servers in the virtual world. In fact, this metaverse game revolves around DAO governance and is community centered. Thus, all investors in Decentraland have voting rights for all modifications or suggestions targeting the improvement of the metaverse game.

The updates with Decentraland in 2023

  • Decentraland promises to improve its creator tools to simplify metaverse content creation and deployment. It provides Builder upgrades, new tools and features, developer resources, and documentation.
  • Decentraland will also provide new social and community tools to build community on the platform. It also allows the creation of innovative communication technologies, events, and incentive systems in 2023.

Sandbox, one of the top metaverse apps

Sandbox, one of the top metaverse apps

Sandbox is one of the best metaverse applications available now. It is one of the finest metaverse initiatives to invest in during recent years. Sandbox provides a virtual world for people worldwide to explore their creativity, express their ideas and make money. It is known for its limitless customizability.

Sandbox looks like Minecraft at first glance. However, Sandbox fulfills all the requirements of a metaverse game. It allows earning NFTs or cryptocurrencies as well as trading them in a marketplace. Users get experience while playing the game and may use their experiences and creativity to buy lands and other digital assets in the game to improve their game play and earn more.

Besides, Sandbox can be played on laptop and mobile devices making it easy to you and truly popular. It is also popular among celebrities; Snoop Dogg has invested in this metaverse game and holds his exclusive events and concerts in this virtual world.

List of Sandbox updates in 2023

You only need to create an account, link your digital wallet and join Sandbox. It is free. Sandbox also comes with a list of updates in 2023, including:

  • Release of version 0.8. With the new version, Sandbox platform as a best metaverse app, will offer more new features and enhancements, which give users more opportunities to express themselves in metaverse.
  • Version 0.8 includes new avatar navigation choices. Players can now swim, crouch, crawl, and slide, making virtual world mobility more fluid and immersive.
  • The upcoming version contains new multiplayer features. It will support new multiplayer behaviors that enable more collaborative and engaging interactions.
  • Sandbox 0.8 provides stunningly new lighting and visual effects, including new VFX, post-processing effects, etc., to make this metaverse more immersive. It is believed to boost the user experience.

Axie Infinity, Pokemon-esque metaverse game

Axie Infinity, Pokemon-esque metaverse game

The next on our list of best metaverse apps is Axie Infinity. Many know it as Pokemon-esque game. This metaverse game combines the historical concept of monsters battling with modern technology in the virtual world.

Like any other battling game, Axie Infinity requires its players to connect over a platform to collect weapons, battle monsters, raise warrior pets, and build kingdoms for their NFT-based Axie pets. As a play-to-earn metaverse game, the platform motivates its players by rewarding them with digital tokens if they complete daily tasks and win a battle.

Axie Infinity adds to the hype by allowing players to breed NFT-based Axies, warrior pets that battle the monsters. Users can build powerful off-springs from their pets and trade their new NFTs in the Axie marketplace.

Axie Infinity runs its ecosystem using its own cryptocurrency AXS. AXS is an ERC-20 token that counts as a reliable investment in the current market. The token has shown to have a high future potential in the long term.

Axie Infinity updates In 2023

In 2023, Axie Infinity equips itself with:

  • A new land system that allows players to own land parcels that can be used to build structures and create unique gameplay experiences.
  • An improved governance system that allow players to vote on important game development decisions. Players who own the AXS token will be able to participate in the governance system, giving the community a say in the game’s development.
  • A highly competitive battle mode that let players compete against other players in real-time battles. It rewards players who can progress through the ranks and reach the top of the leaderboard.

Battle Infinity, a top metaverse application

Battle Infinity, a top metaverse application

Battle Infinity also is nominated on the list of best metaverse apps. This metaverse game is called the first fully decentralized metaverse gaming platform. Battle Infinity consists of many play-to-earn games and includes a fantastic “The Battle Arena” metaverse environment.

Battel Infinity concentrates on fantasy sports. Players can build virtual teams for most popular sports, like Football, Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, etc. Players need to choose their favorite online players and create a team. The team competes against other teams to win prizes. Interestingly, that the prize is directly influenced by the performance data of individual players and in-game records. Besides, players can take a tour of Battle Arena and interact with other players in real-time.

IBAT is the native token used in Battle Infinity ecosystem. It is used to unlock all the major features of this metaverse game. Its reliable functionality has made it a great choice for investment, too. To sum up, Battle Infinity has all the features of a successful metaverse game. Give it a try if you are looking for a place to start with.

Roblox, an imagination metaverse platform

Roblox, an imagination metaverse platform

Roblox is the unique metaverse game platform and on our best metaverse app list. It is an imagination platform that allows its users to use their creativity and develop 3D metaverse games. At the time of writing, there are hundreds of various games developed by Roblox players.

Roblox has created an ecosystem of connected gaming experiences and can be linked to Xbox One, smartphones, personal computers and Amazon devices to play the games. In fact, it provides a game development engine that allows game developers to socialize, create, interact, share ideas and relate to their players in various ways. It equips developers to develop their gameverse and improve their games through direct connection with those who play their games.

Although Roblox has been active since 2007, it has no listed cryptocurrencies in the market. It makes use of Robux as its native token to run its in-game transactions.

Roblox metaverse game has provided RBLX stock recently to compensate the weakness. RBLX gave qualitative returns to its early investors and has performed well.

Enjin, a gaming metaverse platform

Enjin, a gaming metaverse platform

Another metaverse to fit our list of best metaverse apps in Enjin. Enjin is a gaming platform that revolves around the idea of a multiverse. It provides an online portal that hosts multiple metaverse games, which allows players to play games similar to Roblox.

Enjin uses the concept of meta ecosystem. The ecosystem comprises different metaverse products, and its users can develop, market and trade their NFTs across the other platforms listed. Players earn rewards that are ENJ-backed. ENJ tokens allow players to trade earned tokens or directly monetize them in real time. Enjin wallet, on the other hand, gives players the opportunity to manage their blockchain inventory, which is unique in metaverse gaming.

All transactions in the Enjin ecosystem are supported by ENJ tokens, an ERC-20 token that enables unlimited transactions across the entire Enjin multiverse. It is also one of the hottest investment choices for those who aim to invest in metaverse now.

MOBOX, a community-driven platform

MOBOX, a community-driven platform

Next on the list of best metaverse apps is MOBOX. MOBOX is a community-driven platform that is free to use. This blockchain-based application features BUFF Gaming standards and rewards its players with NFTs in different ways.

MOBOX allows its users to create their own digital assets and earn from them. Players can make art and any other assets that others can use in the games the platform supports. Players also earn rewards based on their gaming skills as well as participation in games available in MOMOverse.

MOBOX also surprises its players with mystery boxes that contain arbitrary prizes. Players can stock MBOX tokens to earn larger yields.

Being a highly community-based metaverse, MOBOX players can also use their MBOX to govern how the platform develops. MOBOX can be easily downloaded from Google Play.

RobotEra, popular app with gamers

RobotEra, popular app with gamers

RobotEra is a brand new metaverse app that is already popular with gamers and crypto lovers. RobotEra is a virtual ecosystem project developed to create a shared multiverse that enables its users to create, explore and trade digital assets.

RobotEra uses its native token, TARO, to launch its virtual ecosystem, which features almost all aspects of a metaverse: NFT protocols, a decentralized governance system, creation activities and monetizing in-game rewards.

In the core of this metaverse game, players will be robots minted as NFTs and are required to build metaverse land plots and monetize them in real-time markets. RobotEra roadmap suggests using new VR/AR protocols in the game in the first quarter of 2023.

Zepeto, Korean-based metaverse app

Zepeto, Korean-based metaverse app

Last but not least of the best metaverse apps list, here is Zepeto, a Korean-based metaverse app for trading virtual items like clothing and accessories. The app also covers all interactions supported by social media so that Zepeto users can connect with each other within this virtual world.

Zepeto became more popular when major clothing brands such as Nike and Gucci stepped into this metaverse and created their digital versions of clothes. This metaverse game allows its users to design public or private 3D spaces to hang out with others. Players can render their selfies into the game as their avatars.

Zepeto is the largest Asian virtual world platform, with over 200 million lifetime users during its two years of activity. It has the potential to collaborate with other leading brands, such as Sandbox, to develop its metaverse further.


Conclusion of the best metaverse apps

Metaverse is getting more and more popular day after day. Metaverse applications are also increasing in number to allow everyone to join metaverse and enjoy their favorite content in the virtual world. Among these, metaverse game apps are the most popular. Here we introduced some of the best metaverse apps to watch in 2023. Remember that the virtual world still continues to grow, and those interested in metaverse apps need to look for updates.


What is the most popular metaverse app?

As we mentioned above, Decentraland is the first on the best metaverse apps available now. The metaverse game is popular with its digital lands and great sales records.

What is the best P2E metaverse app?

Currently, Sandbox game is the best metaverse app for play-to-earn gaming. Its strong ecosystem offers some of the best rewards to its players.

What operating systems are compatible with metaverse apps?

Most metaverse apps offer full cross-platform compatibility with Web, iOS and Android.

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