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BAYC founder Yuga Labs said Metaverse NFT Open Standards are appearing “very soon”

The possibility for users to transfer their NFTs between Web3 metaverse platforms has always been one of its unique selling points. However, compatibility amongst metaverse platforms has thus far proven relatively limited.

This could soon change, as the founders of the Bored Ape Yacht Club intend to provide their item standards when they are completed; some will be available very soon, while others will be released over the next year. These item standards will be available for use and expansion by anyone.

Yuga Labs is not the only company in the metaverse working for open standards. In order to encourage interoperability, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, Unity, Epic Games, Sony, and others have joined to develop the Metaverse Standards Forum. This would directly facilitate cross-platform development for companies. The Forum, which is free and open to all organizations, will concentrate on practical, action-oriented projects such as implementation prototyping, contests, plugfests, and open-source tooling to accelerate metaverse standard testing and adoption, as well as the growth of consistent terminology and deployment guidelines.

The Open Metaverse Alliance (OMA3) was founded earlier this month with an aim to ensure that the metaverse “remains open and becomes truly user-owned.” A working group has been established to set interoperability standards.

Despite the fact that Yuga Labs was initially promoted as an OMA3 member company, it was later underlined that the company’s membership status has not yet been finalized. The concept is that a creator can create a 3D character model for BAYC’s Otherside metaverse and “immediately transfer it to another metaverse” (or metaverse-a).

Launched in the Metaverse standards initiative. We must, however, await the outcome of the criteria. Will a main body form in the metaverse spectrum, comparable to the World Wide Web, or will the result be significantly different?

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