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Apple’s Secret “XDG” team is working on AR/VR headsets, Reality Pro

Even though the Apple team, also known as XDG in the company, is primarily focused on the glucose project, it is also engaged in other endeavors and has made notable advancements to the company’s current products. So, it is ideal in this metaverse news to cover Apple VR headsets.

Apple VR specs

In addition to its work with glucose, XDG is creating features for AR/VR headsets, artificial intelligence, and next-generation display technologies that will help people with eye diseases. Athas initially put together the group to work on next-generation batteries and low-power processing for cell phones; these projects are still ongoing.

There are already numerous variants under development for Apple’s headset, which most likely won’t require an iPhone. The company’s first mixed-reality headset will probably not need an iPhone for setup or operation, in contrast to the original Apple Watch. The most recent test versions of the gadget and its inbuilt xrOS operating system may be configured without an iPhone and can instantly download user content and iCloud data from the cloud.

As a result, even if you buy the first headset, you might still need to connect an iPhone to use the touch-screen keyboard. Making quick updates after the device is released is the aim of Apple. The company believes that the headset will have a similar path to the first Apple Watch.

Apple VR release date

At WWDC in June, Apple intends to unveil its first headset, which may be called the Reality Pro. Following that, the product would ship at the earliest by the end of 2023. But, there are already planned versions.

Performance is the main focus of the second Pro headset. The first model will have an M2 chip and a separate chip for processing in AR and VR, but it won’t be powerful enough to produce visuals at the level Apple would desire. For instance, only two conference call participants can be accurately represented in virtual reality at once using FaceTime, not the entire group.

The original Apple headpiece was intended to be far more powerful, with a separate hub with additional processing power that could be wirelessly transmitted to the device around a home. Nevertheless, Jony Ive, a former Apple design executive, disagreed. The company is now trying to close the gap by adding a more potent processor (perhaps of the M3 or M4 type) to the second model.

Apple VR headset Price

Bloomberg reports that Apple’s first AR/VR product will be a “pricey, niche” alternative and that the company aims to sell only 180,000 devices when it releases (similar to the Mac Pro).

Bloomberg believes that the headgear will cost significantly more than current standalone VR headsets, which range in price from $399/£299 for the Meta Quest 2 to $1,499/£1,499 for the Meta Quest Pro.

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