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Apple, Meta VR-AR interest may affect Metaverse

When Apple releases its VR-AR headset, it will start a war with Meta in the metaverse. You may have heard metaverse news that Apple is preparing to produce VR-AR headsets.

But the real battle may be between a decentralized internet and an internet that is run by corporations on a new front.

“The long-term, head-to-head battle is not going to be between Apple and Meta, but between big tech and decentralization,” said Pixelynx CEO Inder Phull. Pixelynx builds metaverse experiences.

Companies and investors are putting billions of dollars into technology to make VR and AR experiences that are more immersive in the digital world. Later this year, Apple will make a new VR-AR device to compete with Meta, which makes the most popular VR headset. People who support decentralization worry that the businesses that do well will move into the metaverse faster.

What is the threat of Apple and Meta VR-AR interest?

TJ Kawamura, co-founder of Everyrealm, said that if Apple and Meta control access to user experiences and data, they might have too much power and make it hard to have an open metaverse.

Most of the people in charge of blockchain, like Bitcoin exchanges, NFT developers, and gaming companies, want web3. Web3 makes the internet completely decentralized. Apple, Google, Meta, and Amazon, which make software, hardware, and infrastructure for users, don’t have control over it.

To make an open metaverse, companies that stand to gain from accessing it may need to agree on a new way of doing things. Many people think that blockchain technology can help build an internet that is more open and decentralized, where regular users are stakeholders and can have an impact on how the internet is run.

Rebecca Barkin, the president of Lamina1, a blockchain company that supports an open metaverse, says that companies like Meta and Apple “preferred closed ecosystems” as they try to get more people to use AR and VR. Neal Stephenson, whose book “Snow Crash” used the word “metaverse,” helped start Lamina1.

Barkin said that Lamina1 is making a layer-one blockchain for people who are building open metaverses. “We want to go on trips with developers and companies that work to keep the internet open.”

Meta’s progress

Apple and Meta haven’t fully adopted blockchain technology on a large scale, but Meta has tried out crypto and non-fungible currencies, which suggests it wants an open metaverse.

The Metaverse Standards Forum was started last year by Meta and 30 other companies, including Microsoft, Epic Games, and Lamina1. The group said it would work toward open standards and interoperability, which are important for a metaverse without a central authority. With these ideas, gadgets and systems would work better on different platforms, no matter who made them.

Meta’s participation in the forum shows that it might work with other tech companies to make the metaverse open. Meta, like Apple, has been secretive about how it works and how its social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, collect, use, and manage data.

The real side of the story

Everyrealm’s Kawamura hopes that companies that don’t like how open and clear blockchain is, especially when it comes to privacy, will lose out.

“It’s crucial to us that users are able to own their digital identity across all platforms,” he said. “If any of these existing platforms decides to deny users these rights, I believe builders and consumers will move to other options.

Meta says,  “won’t be a Meta-run metaverse, just as there isn’t a ‘Microsoft internet’ or ‘Google internet’ today.”  It said in May that the metaverse is not a single product, an operating system like Microsoft’s Windows, or a piece of hardware like Apple’s iPhone.

But most internet traffic is controlled by Google, Facebook, and Instagram, which have billions of users. Most mobile connections are made through iOS and Android. More than 30% of all mobile devices are sold by Apple and Samsung.

The company line for Meta seems to see things in a different way. It said,  “Like today’s internet, the metaverse will be a constellation of technologies, platforms, and products. It won’t be built, operated or governed by any one company or institution.”

Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Meta, all of which are worth billions of dollars, have a lot of power over and watch over the internet today.

Whoever thinks that the metaverse and web3 will be like the past should be worried.

Pixelynx’s Phull said, “People don’t want the metaverse to be controlled by a single centralized entity, such as Mark Zuckerberg.”

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