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Alchemy launched Dapp Builder for next billion Web3 developers

The target of mass acceptance is a familiar slogan in the blockchain business, but onboarding the people to Web3 is a steep learning curve. Alchemy hopes that its new Create Web3 Dapp, or CW3D, platform would encourage more individuals to engage with decentralized technology. Web3 will continue to make waves in the internet world, as seen by the constant coverage of the platform in the metaverse news.

“Our overall mission and vision is to bring blockchain or Web3 to a billion people. The way we really see that happening is by empowering developers,” stated Elan Halpern, Product Manager at Alchemy.

Taking Web3 to the people, according to Halpern, begins with getting developers interested about designing products that consumers would utilize.

“There’s this flywheel lifecycle where, in order for my grandmother to utilize a Web3 application, there has to be a product that she’s actually excited about utilizing,” Halpern explained. “And in order for there to be a product, a developer must be enthusiastic about producing that product.”

Alchemy, launched in 2017, is a blockchain software development startup that produces applications for numerous chains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimist, with plans for future Solana integration.

Alchemy, nicknamed the “AWS of blockchain,” got $250 million in Series C funding in October 2021, and in August 2022, Alchemy purchased Chainshot, an Ethereum coding platform.

According to Alchemy, the Create Web3 Dapp tool is open source, which Halpern says was intended.

“There’s kind of this flywheel lifecycle where, if you want my grandmother to be able to use a Web3 application, there has to be a product that she’s actually excited about using,” Halpern said. “And in order for there to be the product, a developer has to be excited about building that product.”

With a predisposition for making grandiose claims, Alchemy typically claims that its products will function in a specific period of time. Alchemy announced Spearmint, an NFT allowlist platform for Ethereum layer-2 projects, in November. According to Alchemy, users may generate an allowlist in under 10 minutes, and a dapp can be built in four minutes with CW3D.

Halpern recognizes that the 4 minutes can vary depending on things like as connectivity, but adds that the CW3D tool includes all of the tools needed to develop a decentralized application, so the time required should still be significantly less than alternative ways.

“What we did was distill what are the absolute core packages and libraries that you need to construct a dapp,” Halpern added. “We’re not going to make this too weighty, it’s not going to be extremely bloated, it’s going to be lightweight.”

Algorand, Cosmos, and Infura are a few examples of other projects working on frameworks for launching decentralized apps.

Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange, launched Base on Thursday. Base is a layer-2 network on Ethereum that will host decentralized applications.

As Halpern put it, “creating in Web3 right now is basically like constructing a website in the 1990s”; the space is exciting and full of potential, but the developer resources available to them are sparse. “The tooling and infrastructure must be able to help you if you want to build the next generation of popular applications.”

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