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AI work accidently won Destiny 2’s “Art of the Week” fan art contest

Destiny 2’s “Art of the Week” fanart contest was won by AI art by accident.

The Destiny 2 community saw AI art win one of Bungie’s “Art of the Week” slots in the TWAB. Many artists try to win because it’s cool to be featured and seen by hundreds of thousands of people, and you get a special symbol that only a few dozen people in the game have.

The piece of art above, “Guardian Rendition,” was on the community page. The person who uploaded it used an AI program to make it. They thought it looked cool and Destiny-like, so they posted it. The person who uploaded it said they would take it down if people were upset by it.

Before that could happen, whoever picks the AOTW winners just found a cool piece of art and decided it should win one of the spots that week. They probably didn’t know it was AI art, since it’s not labeled “AI art” and most people who aren’t artists wouldn’t be able to tell.

But experts in AI art can tell the difference. That’s strange. non-Guardian of Destiny. It has a hunter’s hood but looks more like simple science fiction than Destiny.

This has made some artists upset that the picture won, while others say, “What’s the big deal about AI art?” techies. One man said that Season of the Seraph in Destiny 2 could teach us that AIs can act like people.

Since it’s the weekend, Bungie probably hasn’t decided if this AI art or AI art in general will be chosen for the community page or as an AOTW. Since Destiny 2 has a strong, passionate artist community that hates AI art because it steals from the craft and makes soulless results, AI art will definitely be banned from future events like this (disclaimer: I have been yelled at for doing AI Destiny art in the past when I first discovered the tech). I think that in the future, community managers will need to learn how to spot AI art or work with artists who can. This is just for the technology we have now. In the future, we might be able to use fingers or have sci-fi people without backpacks.

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