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Adidas’ metaverse site is counting down to a surprise new collection next week

In its metaverse, the sportswear giant Adidas is previewing the release of a new collection. On its metaverse website, the firm has initiated a countdown announcing that a mystery new collection would be unveiled the next week. Additionally, the website displays a variety of 3D Adidas outfit avatars.

This is a significant indicator that the brand will soon release a new range of NFT collections in its metaverse space. However, no information regarding the characteristics of these non-fungible collections has been disclosed as of yet. The Adidas tease follows yesterday’s announcement by OpenSea, in which the NFT marketplace disclosed significant changes to its royalty arrangement.

OpenSea promotes additional incentives for NFT creators

OpenSea, the premier marketplace for non-fungible tokens, has announced it will implement a new royalty scheme to create greater profits for producers. Creators and artists have demanded separate remuneration for their contributions to the NFT space during the past few months, which would allow them to contribute more freely to the broader non-fungible token market.

As a result, the platform will implement on-chain fees for artists beginning November 8. These charges will only apply to new collections. As implementing on-chain fees for existing designs can be technically complicated, there will be no modifications to the royalty scheme of currently available collections until December.

” There’s been a lot of discussion over the past few months about business models for NFT creators & whether creator fees (“royalties”) are viable. Given our role in the ecosystem, we want to take a thoughtful, principled approach to this topic & to lead w/ solutions.”
— OpenSea (@opensea) November 6, 2022

OpenSea has also said that platforms with no royalties will be blacklisted, and every on-chain platform must charge a separate creators fee for new collections. But projects must meet certain requirements before they can get royalties.

This project will give creators more control over the market, which will make it easier for more people to use non-fungible tokens. It’s likely that Adida’s decision to release a new collection in their metaverse is a way for them to take advantage of this new royalty model. Since severing relations with Kanye West, the brand has seen huge financial losses. Adidas has worked with Kanye West’s famous ‘Yeezy’ sneaker lines for many years, and terminating this partnership might lose the company $246 million in profits this year. This new collection could be a step in the path of recovering the brand’s financial losses caused by the expanding NFT and web3 markets.

OpenSea, the premier non-fungible token marketplace, revealed a new royalty mechanism to boost creator revenues. Creators and artists have been requesting separate payments for their NFT contributions for months, which would allow them to more freely participate to the non-fungible token market.

From November 8, creators will pay on-chain fees. Only new collections will be charged. Since implementing on-chain payments for existing designs is difficult, the royalties model of existing collections won’t change until December.

OpenSea further stated that platforms with 0% royalties will be blacklisted, and every on-chain site must charge a creators fee for new collections. For royalties, projects must meet certain criteria.

This project will provide creators more market control, promoting non-fungible token usage. Adida may have launched a metaverse collection to profit on this new royalties system. After Kanye West left, the brand lost money. Adidas’s collaboration with Kanye West’s “Yeezy” footwear line might cost the brand $246 million this year. This new collection could help the company recover from the increasing NFT and web3 markets.

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