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A Play2Earn Gaming Ecosystem of NFTs, Gamers, and Developers

Spider Tanks is an ecological Play2Earn network comprised of NFT holders, gamers, and game producers. Players can gain Victory Points by participating in Spider Tanks matches, purchasing and selling non-game-related items, and exchanging their Victory Points for SILK REWARDS. This PvP brawler game features many ownership tiers, including Tanks and Weapons, Battlefield Maps, and Factories and Planets.

SILK is the official prize token for this game. SILK is an ERC-20 token associated with Gala Games and GAMEDIA’s new tank battle esports, Spider Tanks. It can be gained through playing in and winning Spider Tank games, becoming a Node, and interacting with other products within the ecosystem of the project. One portion of SILK will be allocated to NFT players, and the other will be distributed to F2P players. The remaining portion is divided to operators of planetary nodes, map owners, members of Gala and Gamedia, and founder nodes. These two components have dissimilar proportions. Check out the whitepaper for additional information.

SILK will always be the only token in the Spider Tank ecosystem, and its total supply is set. The SILK currency is distributed via a daily settlement system. Distribution is dependent on the daily ratio of victory points to SILK. The ratio is based on the day’s current cumulative mintage and total burn. The graph below illustrates the long-term link between the Victory Point-to-SILK ratio and circulating supply.

A Play2Earn Gaming Ecosystem of NFTs, Gamers, and Developers

NFT Player Victory Point-to-SILK: Victory Point distribution for Owners and Captains occurs with each victory throughout the day based on replacement allowances, and is calculated differently based on the qualities of each Weapon or Body.

Operator of Planetary Node Point-to-SIL: The planetary nodes will serve as the Spider Tank’s skeleton. They will ensure that the system server is operational for all matches. Consequently, the awards for planetary node operators will come from the SILK non-replacement allowance, which is calculated on the number of daily games and the total workload.

Map Owners Victory Point-to-SILK: The distribution of SILK for Maps is dependent on the amount of games they host. The value of map prizes will be determined by the size of the daily non-replacement allotment and the total number of Victory Points awarded that day.

What advantages does SILK REWARDS offer?

Increased the chance of getting victory points. Holding SILK doesn’t use it up in any way, so it can keep powering the player’s ability to get rewards as long as they keep holding it.

Your NFTs can be made better by using SILK to buy the Components and Arachnium you need to improve your Tank Parts. Upgraded Tank Part NFTs are stronger and give more VP each time you win one.

Maximum Victory Points: There is no limit to how many Victory Points you can earn in a day. But different things will make it easier or harder to get Victory Points. For more information, please look at the white paper for the project.

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