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69% users believe metaverse entertainment will reshape social lifestyle

This part of metaverse news is related with a latest survey. A recent CoinWire survey found that most users think the metaverse will change how they interact with other people.

Last year, the crypto and Web3 industries were very different. The crypto market was very volatile, but Web3 had a bright future. Investors and users have both kept putting money into the sector, especially when it comes to the metaverse.

A recent survey by CoinWire, which polled more than 10,000 cryptocurrency investors in December 2022, found that users’ views of the metaverse suggest that digital reality will have an effect on all parts of social life.

69% of the people who answered the survey said that the metaverse will change the way people live socially by introducing new ways to have fun, and 65% of the people who answered the survey agreed that the metaverse will bring about new social activities.

Concerns about how it will affect finances, business, and education were also high, at 61.2%, 49.6%, and 45%, respectively. In the last five years, Microsoft has bought 158 patents related to the metaverse. This is more than other big tech companies like Meta, Tencent, and Epic Games.

69% users believe metaverse entertainment will reshape social lifestyle

As the metaverse continues to grow, it will exert a bigger effect on social life. For example, new metaverse features like touch and smell were just shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023.

Also, 53% of the people who answered the survey and are active in the metaverse own a cryptocurrency.

69% users believe metaverse entertainment will reshape social lifestyle

The U.S. leads metaverse innovation

The survey shows that the United States is the most innovative country in the world when it comes to the metaverse. But, as shown above, 78% and 75% of people in China and India are positive about using the metaverse every day, which puts them at the top of the list.

The report also showed that even though almost all of the people who filled out the survey had heard of the term “Web3,” 52% of them still didn’t know what it meant.

In focus with the uncertainty that many investors feel, more than 60% of those who answered the survey said they wanted more rules for the industry. Over the past year, regulators have started to make and talk about new rules for the industry.

Still, many countries continue to put a lot of importance on Web3 parts like the metaverse. The South Korean government’s test city in the metaverse is now open to the public.

A report from McKinsey says that in the next seven years, the metaverse will be worth $5 trillion.

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